Keeping the Fun Alive Amidst the Coronavirus

Keeping the fun alive in Quarantine - Chloe Que (1)

Writer: Lila W.

Visual: Chloe Q.

Editor: Catherine S.

So… you’re stocked up on toilet paper and instant ramen packets- but what to do at home? With school closed, concerts postponed, sporting events canceled, and shopping malls inaccessible, everyone is stuck at home, practicing ‘self-quarantine’ to help ‘flatten the curve’. Although it may seem fun at first, eating, sleeping, and working in the same space every day can make anyone feel claustrophobic. As days pass, our social lives are continuously pushed into a corner, trapped within the confines of online zoom calls and wild snaps. In our ISM community, students have resorted to a multitude of ways to keep in touch with their peers and enjoy themselves at home. From the Dalgona coffee challenge to the Photo Roulette app, we will be discussing ways to stay entertained and connected with others.

Social media provides an important platform for communication and connection between people during self-quarantine. Bearcats have seen their screen time massively surge amidst the Coronavirus. While that may seem like a bad thing, one would need to realize how today’s technology has helped us get through such a crisis. On Instagram, people are participating in bingo games with topics ranging from things you’ve done in IASAS to MUN experience. Bingo games are a great icebreaker and are incredibly easy to find on Pinterest and online. People have also started doing photo challenges on Instagram. In the second week of quarantine, the “only until tomorrow” challenge blew up throughout the ISM community with students posting embarrassing pictures of themselves for 24 hours. Instagram is not the only app being utilized to stay connected. Many spend hours on end on TikTok, scrolling up on their ‘for you’ page. When junior Gisele F. was interviewed, she said that “it is really easy to get lost in Tiktok videos. Tiktoks are definitely humorous and fun, lifting our spirits during such a stressful time”. Food challenges such as the Dalgona coffee challenges have also emerged on the social media platform, in which people whip coffee and sugar to create a coffee foam to be placed on top of a cold glass of milk. Although the recipe seems simple, in reality, it calls for much arm muscles and patience as whipping coffee is no easy task. However, the effort does pay off, as evident by social media posts from our fellow bearcats displaying their aesthetically pleasing coffee. With this in mind, social media has undeniably offered entertainment to students going through emotional distress during self-isolation.

People have started to utilize zoom calls as a way to interact with their friends. While board games like Connect 4 and Ludo can be easily accessed through Facebook gaming platforms, they are arguably less fun without a conversation, so many have resorted to online calls to communicate while playing games. Other than board games, apps like Photo Roulette, where friends compete to quickly guess whose photo is shown, have gained popularity. These online games have brought everyone together and allowed time to pass quickly during a stressful time like this. If you haven’t tried any of these activities, do try them! They truly are a great and relaxing way to spend your time!