Physical Distancing Not Social Distancing!

SocialDistance_EricaNWriter: Yerin Kim 

Editor: Norbu D.

Visual: Erica N.

We are only four months into 2020 and it’s already been quite a ride: with the Australian wildfires still causing damage from 2019, the murder of Qasem Soleimani, the Taal volcano eruption and now the new Coronavirus, withholding the biggest and longest impact globally. China, Korea, Italy, New Zealand, and many other countries have imposed lockdown on their citizens to prevent the virus from further spread. The Philippines officially announced a lockdown on March 16, 2020, and as of now, the streets remain empty and the stores stay closed. While the Philippines generally seem to have a firm control over quarantine laws, many people around the world are starting to lose patience and instead of practicing social distancing, they are reverting back to their normal lives by going outside and joining large social gatherings. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and has already been labeled as a pandemic–a global health emergency. Through the touch of a tiny droplet of an infected person’s sneeze or cough, the virus can spread to infect up to 100 people or more. Because COVID-19 spreads from person to person, reducing the ways people come in close contact with each other is essential. Social distancing means staying home as much as possible and avoiding crowded, public places where close contact with others is likely. This includes shopping centers, movie theaters, stadiums, and even large church gatherings. However, this is most effective when everyone self isolates as the risk of spreading the virus will continue to increase if a small number decide to continue going to public spaces. However, people have pointed out the rather valid problem of the difficulty of suddenly cutting off their social lives and access to the outside world. Is there a happy medium to staying safe while socializing?

Thanks to our advancement in technology, there are multiple ways to keep in contact with your friends or family during this lockdown. The app, Zoom, that is commonly being used for online classes have an unlimited number of people that can join one call; use it to combat loneliness and make your social distancing days more fun! Additionally, everyone’s favorite website–Netflix–created a free extension called “Netflix Party” that allows you to watch any show or movie together with your friends that was already accessible. Furthermore, it includes a chat function that can let you watch and react at the same time. Everyone loves spending hours on Netflix; invite your friends or family in for a movie night! 

The number of patients getting infected are rising, but so are the recovered ones. Everyone must stay strong and stand united–though apart– to fight this pandemic let’s work together and make the most out of the situation. 🙂