May 2020 IB Exams Cancelled

200423 BT visual_May 2020 IB Exams CancelledWriter: Lara G.

Visual: Jenna A.

Editor: Chris D.

Due to the ongoing  COVID-19 pandemic, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) has announced that for the first time in its history, all IB Diploma Programme (DP), Career-Related Programme (CP), and Middle Years Programme (MYP) Exams have been cancelled. 

The IBO has released a statement concerning this announcement, “As an organization, it is critical for us to ensure that the options we provide our global community of IB World schools are based on compassion for our students and teachers and fairness for the difficult circumstances our students and educators are experiencing.”

Many teachers and students support the IBO’s decision regarding the exams. 

Ms. Mould, an IB Psychology teacher, is in favor of this decision. She says that many students are relieved, but some are disappointed. “Whilst all students are apprehensive at the idea of exams, students have been preparing hard for these exams and this was a chance for students to showcase this hard work.” Ms. Mould mentioned that mock exams and classes will continue to be held until the scheduled study leave, as  teachers wait for further information regarding the IBO’s plans for  grading.

Mr. Butcher, the Program Leader for the English department and an IB HL Literature teacher, agrees that the IBO made the right choice in cancelling this year’s exams.  “The IBO consulted with universities and collected feedback from schools around the world before taking the decision. This was done in order to be sure of how best to proceed while doing everything they could do to protect university entrances while at the same time protecting lives and wellbeing around the globe and among the members of the IB schools and communities around the world.” He mentioned that instead of exams, “The feedback to students on the mock exams will turn into the completion of that curriculum.”

Senior Carmel L. had mixed emotions when this announcement was made. “Obviously, I felt relieved that I didn’t have to stress out for my last months of high school, but simultaneously, it all feels so anticlimactic after working super hard for two years in such a rigorous program.” Carmel believes that she will not be impacted greatly  since she is studying in the United States, unlike other students who may have conditional IB offers from universities in the United Kingdom. “Our IB scores do matter, however, so my score will definitely be impacted depending on what they base the grade off of (internal assessments, predicted grades, etc.).”

Senior Lorenzo Y.says that his whole batch feels relieved that the exams have been cancelled. “I’m super happy too but a part of me feels like two years of hard work have just gone down the drain.” He says that the cancellation of exams won’t impact him significantly  since he will be studying in the United States, but other students going to colleges that consider IB exams may be more concerned. 

Despite mixed feelings regarding the cancellation of the exams, what’s important is that the seniors’ hard work and dedication will pay off.