Quarantine Coping Mechanisms: Haircuts

HaircutsWriter: Sophia L.

Visual: Laraveys M.

Editor: Amelie D. 

From baking banana bread and brownies to binge-watching ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Friends’, the world is desperately trying to keep themselves busy as the nationwide lockdown nears its 2 month anniversary.

As these long days drag by and many of us spend more time on TikTok, it is not uncommon to see videos of bored teenagers sharing the ways that they stay occupied. Out of all these quirky and imaginative ideas, a popular coping mechanism among both girls and boys seems to be: haircuts. 

Haircuts were something taken for granted before the quarantine, with many of us never realizing that there would come a day when we would not be able to go to the salon or barber. On the other hand, many of us never, even for a second, considered getting bangs or shaving off our hair completely, which many, including those in our ISM community, have resorted to doing, both out of boredom and necessity. 

Freshman Maeve R. gave herself bangs, saying that she “was bored with [her] hair and wanted a change.” Due to her wavy hair, she was nervous while cutting the bangs, but “actually liked them a lot after.” However, she is still debating whether to re-cut them or let them grow out. 

Senior Shain P., who also cut her own bangs during quarantine, thinks that this is a fast-growing trend because “a lot of people are really bored and cutting bangs is a really exciting feeling, almost like an adrenaline rush, which is rare in times like this.” She also attributes their popularity to the fact that bangs are things that “can grow out by the time quarantine ends”, giving people more confidence because “you don’t have to worry about looking weird or the bangs not working once you’re outside.”  

If you are thinking of giving yourself bangs, shaving your head, or are just wanting to give yourself a trim, here are some helpful tips that can help you achieve your desired result:

  1. If you’re going to trim your hair, getting a cheap pair of hairdressing scissors online is advisable, as using a pair of regular scissors, which are not as sharp, can create split ends, damaging your hair. 
  2. If you’re thinking of experimenting with bangs, Brad Mondo, a stylist on Youtube, recommends “starting long then going shorter”, meaning to cut short amounts of hair at a time, to have better control over the length. He says to “start off by wetting your hair, cutting it, then styling it how you usually style it. Then cut it again in the style you would usually wear your hair.”
  3. If you’re thinking of shaving your head, Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist, advises to do it during or immediately after your shower when “your scalp is at its softest and most pliable.” This, Dr. Day says, will allow the razor to “run smoothly through your hair.”

If you’ve always wanted to try out that new hairstyle, this is definitely the time to do it. Go get those scissors and snip away!