What has stuck around in Manila?

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Editor: Joaquin P.

With Covid19 cases in the Philippines soaring to the 10,000s, it’s important to be grateful for the “little things” in life. Although life today is lacking in normalcy, there are plenty of things to add some much-needed spice to your quarantine if you are staying in Manila. In times like these, it is of the utmost importance to maintain positive morale and keep busy. This quarantine period, although unfortunate, can be used for self-improvement – so take advantage of that! It’s all about perspective. 

Although we are still all stuck home, BT has taken the liberty of compiling a list of services you can enjoy despite the current circumstances.

01: Potato Corner

Potato Corner’s flavored fries is an ISM classic. If you haven’t waited for 30 minutes during IASAS in the sweltering hot heat for a tera half sourcream half barbecue, do we even go to the same school? Thankfully, you can bring the joy of Potato Corner to your very own home! Just follow this link for ordering directions: Potato Corner At Home!


02: Wildflour To-Go

If you ever want to find me on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll know where I’ll be. Wildflour is a community staple packed to the gills every weekend with eager brunch-goers and foodie fiends. You can get your Wildflour fix with their to-go menu and by following their Instagram: @wildflourtogo for more updates on what’s available!

Protip: I recommend the carrot cake!


03: Lazada and Shoppee

It seems we’ve all gotten the retail therapy bug in quarantine. As an alternative to shopping in malls – a memory that feels like forever ago! – Lazada and Shoppee have opened up online for orders.

04: Fowlbread

An underrated favorite. If you’re looking for the best, most authentic chicken sandwich in the city, this might just be it. Located in a small, unassuming window on High Street, many may overlook this hidden gem. They are available to order through Lalamove, GrabFood, Foodpanda, and simply just by calling their number. For more information, visit their website.

Protip: Get the basic fried chicken sandwich with garlic fries and for dessert banana donuts.


05: Shake Shack

Open in Manila for only about a year, the Shake Shack burger joint has already made its way into the hearts of every ISM student. A perfect day: it’s a Friday afternoon, your tests are done, you and your friends pile into someone’s car and head to Central Square for the most rewarding meal of your lives. Shake Shack is available to order through Foodpanda.


06: Din Tai Fung

If you don’t want to see the entirety of the ISM student body on a weekend, teachers be warned, maybe don’t hit up your local Din Tai Fung. This Chinese dumpling restaurant seriously changes the game and defines the ISM experience. Not to be dramatic, but I think we’d all kill for some ‘xiaolongbao’ right now. Din Tai Fung is also available for delivery via Foodpanda.


07: Manam

With a location right next to Wildflour at Netlima, Manam is a perfect place to go for any occasion. Its Filipino cuisine gathers crowds and long lines at the door, but thanks to Foodpanda, it’s just a click away!


08: Ooma

Ooma is amazing, blow your mind good! Ooma is available through the Foodpanda app or any other food couriers.


09: Starbucks 

Remember study days at the Starbucks in San Antonio Plaza? That branch among others has now opened up for pickup and delivery! They even have a new line of fresh tumblers and bottles for purchase or courier delivery.


10: Netflix Party!

Keeping in touch with your friends has never been so fun! Watch movies and TV shows in realtime, inbuilt with its own chat function. Just download the chrome extension and click on it whenever you want to Netflix Party: this generates a link which you can send to your friends.


Keep your chins up, Bearcats!