HS Video Productions

Writer: Lara G.

Editor: Chris A.

Even during these uncertain times, many amongst the ISM community are still finding ways to entertain and amuse others. Recently, High School students and faculty members have been producing numerous videos to provide entertainment for the community.

The  Dance Company conducted  their 100% Dance Co Showcase virtually, maintaining their original  “Game of Life” theme. According to Ms. Yek, their dance teacher, their choreography for the showcase was almost completed before the lockdown, as they wanted to finish before spring break. She stated, “We were hoping that the dancers would be able to perform if they lifted the lockdown by April 15, but when the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was extended, we knew the only way they could present was virtually like our IASAS Dance performance.” The students designed promotional materials, choreographed and filmed their dances, before combining and editing their videos into a 45-minute long dance production which was posted on BTV’s Youtube channel. 

Similarly, the 9th grade Intro Theatre students have developed an original melodrama entitled “Is This Still A Wedding?”. They too initially planned a live performance, but have adapted to the current circumstances by recording it via Zoom. “The piece is conceived, directed, scripted, acted, and film-edited by the members of the class,” said Ms. Monsod, their drama teacher, “It has been quite an adjustment, considering the limitations of our technology (wifi lags, students in countries across the globe, etc.). But the show must go on!” 

“Even in quarantine, being able to act in an entirely new way adds a new layer of excitement to practicing and performing our original Melodrama,” said Enzo M., who plays Carlos in the story. 

“We spent so much time and energy debating about the plot and preparing the script,” said Ellie M., who plays Stephanie Marcustice. “Although doing the melodrama online was a challenge, it forced us to be creative and made it more fun.”

 “My most cherished experience is the cast camaraderie,” said Selma W., the film editor. “The lockdown has added heightened emotions, an essential aspect of a melodrama, not only to our play but also to our relationships.”

For those interested in watching this amazing melodrama series, please contact Ms. Monsod at monsods@ismanila.org so that she can add you to the mailing list.

The Grade 9, 10, and 11 Film students have also been producing “how-to” videos, such as How to Make Dalgona Coffee, How to Make Crème Brûlée, How to Kill Time During Quarantine, How to Play the Guitar and much more. The Grade 9 students have started making suspense films as well. “This has been a fun experience with students planning together over zoom and then taking in turns to do different roles,” said Ms. Hartley, a Film teacher, “It’s quite challenging to collaborate on a production when you cannot meet your film crew, but the students working on this have found ways.” Some of the students’ work has also been posted on BTV’s Youtube channel.

These videos have not only provided a great source of entertainment for others, but have also inspired many to use their creativity to continue doing what they love, even in the midst of a global pandemic.