Spotlight on the BIPOC Club

Written by: Jessica

Edited by: Keitaro

Visual by: Anushka

The Black Lives Matter movement peaked during the summer break with protests on the streets and social media feeds flooded with posts demanding justice for black communities. Mirroring this global movement, ISM students actively reposted resources and posts, taking part in spreading awareness on various forms of social media. To reflect the rise in racial awareness, the Black Indigenous People of Color club was created to bring change to the ISM community.

Luna (11) had wanted to create a club supporting BIPOCs since her freshman year. However, recent events sparked her determination, saying, “Towards the end of last school year, after George Floyd’s passing, I was inspired to speak out on a broader platform.” This was Luna’s second attempt at creating a club aimed to support people of color, the first time around was not a success. Her breakthrough came when she posted a video on social media where she opened up about the struggles of being a black student attending ISM. The community’s response was evident as her video “sparked many to start speaking up, sending emails and talking to admin,” which marked the beginning of the BIPOC club.

When asked about the mission of the club, Luna responded “the aim is to broaden the perspectives of ISM’s students and teachers and to foster more awareness, tolerance, and empathy for the experiences of BIPOCs. This includes not only African-Americans but also Africans, Afro-Filipinos, Pacific Islanders, etc. We will be promoting and celebrating historical and modern black and indigeneous figures of importance from all around the world. We plan to diversify the curriculum, hosting events throughout the year, and creating educational media infographics.” The BIPOC club is currently contacting social studies teachers to include black history into the ISM curriculum. 

This club is an example of recognizing social issues across the world and acting upon these same problems in one’s personal environment. Through this process, students are able to consistently advocate and spread awareness within the school community. The BIPOC Club is a step towards building a more united and accepting community, shedding light on the underrepresented communities in ISM. Be sure to keep up to date with the club’s events for the upcoming school year!