The Perfect Staycation: A guide to escaping the city

Written by: Chloe 

Edited by: Megh

Visual by: Allison

Times have changed. The things we used to take for granted are the very things we now crave. At the top of everyone’s list: travelling. With online school in session and stress levels rapidly rising by the day, finding that peaceful, relaxing getaway you’ve been longing for is more important than ever. However, as a result of travel bans being implemented all around the world and in the Philippines, it has become increasingly challenging to make travel plans. Fortunately for you, this is where BT comes to the rescue!  As Manila is easing into General Community Quarantine (GCQ), we are now allowed to travel beyond the borders of Metro Manila. Hence, we have taken the liberty of rounding up a few places just outside Metro Manila that you can visit for the perfect “staycation”–  all of which have taken precautionary measures for COVID19, of course!

1. DOMESCAPE Glamping in Nasugbu, Batangas

If camping out in the wilderness isn’t for you, maybe this “glamping” experience will make you reconsider! In the glamorous geodesic dome offered by a five star AirBnB host, guests experience the comfort of staying in a luxury hotel with the great outdoors as its lobby. Most parts of the stunning property were left untouched by the hosts to provide a truly authentic outdoors experience for nature-lovers. There is also a beach within driving distance! Nasugbu is a mere two and a half hours away from Metro Manila by car, making it the ideal glamping destination.

COVID-19 Precautionary measures: Here is a detailed account on the booking requirements and safety protocols being taken by the Domescape host. Additionally, you can click here for AirBnB’s health and safety guidelines for hosts and guests.

For more information, click here!

2. The Farm at San Benito, Holistic Wellness Resort

Looking for ways to heal your body from the inside-out? The Farm at San Benito is a well-known resort and wellness sanctuary two hours outside of Metro Manila that offers various health services for their visitors. From detox cleanses and stress reducing programs, The Farm has it all! Just book a stay in one of their luxury suites or villas and enjoy their spas, workout classes, and vegan cuisine! 

COVID-19 Precautionary measures: “The Farm remains to be a COVID-free safe haven. We are open to offer Preventive Health & Integrative Medical Wellness programs. Watch this video on safety & sanitation protocols.”

For more information, visit their website here!

3. The Anya Resort, Tagaytay 

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Escape the fast-paced city lifestyle to Tagaytay for a much needed respite. The popular resort “Anya” is the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself! With impeccable service, farm to table cuisine, luxurious accommodations, and diverse activities, how could anyone say no? For those of you who seek adventure, there are plenty of outdoor activities around the area like zip lining and go-cart riding. At about a two hour drive south, it’s the perfect weekend getaway!

COVID-19 Precautionary measures: “As we prepare to ease out of quarantine restrictions, we are excited to be opening our doors once again. The following COVID-19 Protocols have been implemented in the resort for your safety and peace of mind.”

For more information, visit their website here!

Some ISM students and parents have already taken advantage of the flexibility of online learning to get out of the city, and it has done wonders for their mental health. So, next time you feel the need to unwind, know that you don’t have to go too far for a blissful and relaxing staycation. You never know, a short drive may just be the answer to your everyday doldrums!