Sustainable, Responsible, Affordable

Written by: Lara 

Edited by: Keitaro

Visual by: Zoe

Last week, Sustainability Council hosted two webinars in line with their monthly ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ (SDG) themes. Monday’s webinar with Ms. Mica Canto focused on last month’s SDG theme: Responsible Consumption and Production, while Wednesday’s webinar, featuring the One Million Lights PH: Tanglaw Education Team, connected to this month’s SDG theme, Affordable and Clean Energy.

During Ms. Mica’s webinar, she talked about design and organized living. She saw that there was a need to educate people in Manila about it, so she founded Tidily Ever After, which aims to provide smart, stylish, and sustainable solutions for home organization. 

Ms. Mica believes in a minimalist perspective, and she focuses on making simple, sustainable solutions for her clients by maximizing materials, containers, and supplies. She ensures that the organization and solutions are simple enough for her clients to keep up with on a daily basis without her help. If new containers or supplies are necessary, Ms. Mica avoids plastic and instead selects materials that will last but will not be harmful to the environment if thrown out. Some of her examples included wood and woven material (solihiya). She also does her best to support local businesses by locally sourcing most of her materials.

Ms. Mica’s three main tips when it comes to sustainable organization are:

  1. Maximize use of what you have (there is a common misconception that new supplies are necessary for organization when in fact, additional containers may cause more clutter and waste)
  2. If you have to buy containers or supplies, choose natural materials over plastic
  3. Design with minimalism in mind

In Wednesday’s webinar with the Tanglaw Education Team of One Million Lights Philippines (OML PH), seniors, Nika, Silvana, and Grace discussed their team’s project. They explained their mission by saying, “We aim to empower the wellbeing of students by providing them with light and education as a whole, most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Additionally, they noted that, “It is also a great opportunity to teach the younger generations about sustainability.”

To support students and families in Dingalan and Casiguran, Aurora, they have been collecting monetary donations and donations in kind which include school materials and home essentials. As a result, they have raised Php66,000 and aim to raise Php500,000 to supply families with solar-powered lights, as well as provide school materials and household necessities to school-aged children and their families.

Let us take action against global issues and make the world a better place one step at a time.