Co-Curricular Websites and Podcasts: Service Learning Council, Dance Company and Overtones

Written by: Jessica

Edited by: Keitaro

Visual by: Anushka

Although ISM continues to be in distance learning, clubs, teams, and co-curricular programs of all sorts such as the Service Learning Council (SLC), Dance Company and Overtones have all been adapting to the new circumstances and have been actively reaching out to the ISM community.

SLC continues to update its website and recently published its first online magazine of the year. “The inspiration for the service learning magazine was to have an alternative platform to showcase service-learning at ISM in these unprecedented times. Moreover, having been a new student myself, I knew what it was like to be a confused new student, not knowing about any service clubs or service requirements at ISM,” said Catherine (12). The magazine serves as “a platform for clubs to share their mission and their plans to the student body and encourage the clubs to continue actively reaching out to our service partners in these times. We are hoping to publish an end of the first semester magazine that will summarize different service activities from ISM service clubs while also spotlighting service action from SLC as well as student organizations.” SLC is also currently working with the service councils in other IASAS schools, so that the ISM community can gain more insight about varying approaches to service. 

Dance Company launched their official website, providing a short introduction video and profiles of the dancers. When asked about the challenges of distance learning in dance, Dani (12) responds, “Dancing online is definitely a challenge with the constant wifi cuts, lack of mirrors, space to dance and especially not being able to dance together. But as a team we have adapted well because we all have the same amount of passion and love for dance. Our positive outlook and sheer determination to perform in such a unique time like this is pushing us to show that we are capable of anything together and won’t let anything slow us down.” The ISM community can look forward to the monthly themed dancer spotlight performances and team dances. Dani says, “The dance tutorials that we’ll be providing are also a new exciting thing we are providing for the service clubs to use to teach during their service zooms! We hope these tutorials provide some fun, exercise and connection in a time where it’s hard to experience things such as that.”

The TRI-M Music Society recently released its 15 minute podcasts called Overtones. Jack (12) explains, “Overtones, at its foundation, is a music podcast, meaning each and every episode will be about music in some shape or form. However, we will mold each episode to fit current events and our special guests. In the future of overtones, you can expect to see lots of in-depth musical discussion and games with a variety of guests from ISM’s community and the greater music community.” Overtones also accepts music commissions and services such as editing songs. All their proceeds  will be donated to CJ Learning Center. When asked about the future of Overtones, Jack said, “Stay tuned for our next episode, where we’ll discuss the role of music in LGBTQ+ history in honor of LGBT history month.” 

Be sure to keep up with updates from these websites and podcasts throughout the school year!