Teacher Appreciation Day

Written by: Tara 

Visual by: Issy

Edited by: Chris

Heroes. They are everywhere. From firefighters, to doctors, to celebrities, to our own friends and family, anyone can be a hero. One group in particular, however, has taken on this role in our daily lives, offering us counsel and support whenever possible. They are none other than our teachers. 

Contrary to the typical nine to five work day, teachers often work longer days, starting as early as 6 and continuing long after the school day ends, as they have students to help, meetings to attend and assignments to create or mark. As students, we spend a good portion of our lives in school, and it is our teachers who guide us during this time. Not only do they educate us, but they also offer us advice and help whenever we need it, and although they may seem harsh at times, it’s all done with our long-term best interests at heart. 

ISM has long held the tradition of showing gratitude to our teachers through Teacher Appreciation Day, in which students can write letters of gratitude to their teachers. In previous years, these would come in the form of heartfelt handwritten messages which would be delivered to recipient teachers. Oftentimes, teachers would even plaster their desk walls with these messages.

This year, however, Teacher Appreciation day is looking a little different due to distance learning. The National Honors Society is still upholding this tradition, but instead of physical paper letters, all messages will be sent through a google form. Although teachers may not form the tangible connection they would with physical letters, it is still a great way to express our gratitude under the current circumstances. A sophomore, Stella, said she, “Appreciates her teacher’s hard work and continued efforts to make sure classes run smoothly, and always striving to entertain students which really helps with easing the difficulties of online classes.” With the hardships of distance learning, it is essential that we thank our teachers for their hard work, and for remaining cheerful despite the difficulty posed by their situation. It is our duty as students to encourage and thank them for never failing to help and motivate us, and most importantly, for teaching us to be better learners and better people.