IASAS Film, Art, and MUN Recap

Written by: Jaeho

Edited by: Keitaro 

Visual by: Issy

Covid-19 has brought to center stage many changes that have left many ISM students  disappointed. Both IASAS Sports Seasons 1 and 2 were cancelled. Still, some IASAS events have pushed through via virtual Zoom format. 

IASAS Model United Nations (MUN) was held on November 18th to the 22nd from 8:30am to 5:00pm. The virtual MUN format attempted to mirror the “atmosphere” of physical MUN events by creating an aura of diplomacy and having delegates wear formal clothing. Surprisingly, the virtual platform of the event was considered more efficient and stream in some aspects. For example, Tim, the chair of the Security Council, had more control over managing the speakers, thanks to Zoom functions like mute displaying icons for raising hands. Pavan, an ISM delegate, described it as “a promising experience,” but also “missed the human aspect of the conference.” There was a general consensus among delegates that the event was a poor substitute for the actual assembly, wherein delegates usually get to travel and have constant face-to-face interactions. This was many people’s most favorite aspect of IASAS MUN. Furthermore, the passion emanating from stage presence and a live audience seemed lost in the virtual medium. Nevertheless, even with the lack of these elements, ISM delegates were able to carry out their respective roles. 

IASAS Film was held from November 20th to the 22nd with four to five groups chosen to represent ISM and partake in the 48-hour challenge, where delegates, given a mystery prompt, get 48 hours to produce a film within groups. Delegates did their best to produce a film based on the prompt “10%”. The films were presented on Saturday while Sunday was dedicated to giving each other feedback and taking part in workshops. ISM delegate Danni explained, “Surprisingly we did a lot within a span of 3 days. It was also helpful because by giving feedback we could also reflect on what to do and what not to do for our films based off of the other school films.” 

IASAS Art was held from November 21st to the 22nd with 12 delegates representing ISM. Twenty-five art pieces and 12 ISM delegates were chosen by HS Art teachers for IASAS Cultural Convention (CulCon), hosted by Taipei American School (TAS). The pieces presented were diverse, varying from photography to ceramics. These chosen delegates also took part in a 48-hour challenge where they had to create a piece revolving around the prompt of “in these _____ times”. Delegates were able to inspire each other through periodic Zoom calls during the weekend and were able to complete their pieces within the given timeframe. ISM delegate Elena was satisfied with the virtual experience as she explained, “Everything was super well organized by them from the zoom check-ins with other schools to the boxes of art supplies they sent us.”

The online events have received positive responses from participants, yet delegates still miss travelling and making new friends associated with “physical IASAS”. Yet, with all these obstacles, ISM delegates persevered and did their best in their respective events.