Paskong Pinoy: Pista 2020

Written by: Lara

Edited by: Keitaro 

Visual by: Anushka

For many Filipinos, Christmas is the most joyous time of the year as it signifies family gatherings to celebrate the festive season. Thus, the Philippine Cultural Club (PCC) has chosen “Paskong Pinoy”, a Filipino Christmas, as the theme for Pista 2020, in order to showcase Filipino holiday spirit.

This year’s Filipiniana is the first virtual Filipiniana in ISM’s history. Martina, president of PCC, said that the biggest challenge in planning a virtual Filipiniana celebration was the barrio fiesta. “We still wanted to give people a taste of Filipino food, but we had to figure out the safest and easiest way of doing so.” 

As a solution, PCC partnered with Via Mare and Manam, two popular Filipino restaurants, to create set meals that would be available for pre-orders and personally delivered throughout the day. 

One of PCC’s yearly traditions is having a sari-sari store called “Ay-Es-Em” run by parents from the PCA. “To recreate the sari-sari store experience, we included the usual Pinoy snacks and candies in the goody bags that came with our Pista meals and added a parol to embody the Filipino Christmas spirit.”

Another one of PCC’s annual traditions is the Pista parade. Martina noted that the parade cannot be held this year, but PCC has created a Pista raffle in its place. “Students can submit photos of themselves wearing a Pista shirt or national costume to enter.” Chloe, PCC’s co-vice president, said that winners will receive goodies from this year’s Filipiniana sponsors.

In addition, this year PCC is hosting a virtual Pista assembly. Aside from announcing the winners of the raffle, PCC will showcase a series of speeches and performances during the assembly. This year the PCC has also included a video explaining the “Paskong Pinoy” theme since this is the first Filipiniana celebration that has taken place in December.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to ISM’s various service partners and other organizations, including Papaya Academy, SPECS, The ISM Disaster Relief Fund, The Vicky SyCip Herrera Scholarship Fund, PREP (Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines), and Project BEST.

Christmas is a very special event for many Filipinos. “Paskong Pinoy” is the perfect theme for this unique Filipiniana, for despite the hardships many Filipinos face, they always celebrate Christmas with joy and happiness. Despite the unusual circumstances, Filipiniana is celebrated by the ISM community with joy and happiness.