Jed Dy Commits to George Washington

Written by: Scott 

Edited by: Lucas 

Visual by: Anushka

As 2020 came to an end, ISM’s athletic community saw its second Division 1 commitment from the class of 2022, Jed D. announced his verbal commitment to play golf at the university of George Washington in Washington, D.C. This highly anticipated announcement was the culmination of all the hard work put in ever since his childhood. In light of this achievement, Bamboo Telegraph interviewed Jed D. to see what earned him this commitment.

Since the age of 5, Jed has had a love for the game and the competition that comes with it. When asked about his biggest motivation to become as skilled as he is today, he replied, “I love the game. I love competition.” The love for competition is evident as Jed is a multi-sport athlete who also competes in Basketball and Volleyball for ISM. The competition that entails higher heart rates, clutch moments, as well as teamwork in his secondary sports helps him achieve a state of calmness in his golf performances. 

While his love for competition is great, Jed understands that it was his relaxed composure on the green that allowed him to succeed and ultimately obtain this scholarship. “I believe playing relaxed is the best way to go into a tournament.” In a sport where every degree of an angle, every millisecond of time, and every ounce of power matters, Jed masters the art of relaxation to consistently perform at a high level. 

After starring on Netflix’s The Short Game and receiving IASAS MVP his freshman year, becoming a D1 commit is the next milestone in his successful career. As for how he made the connection with George Washington, Jed informs BT, “I reached out to the school first back in May. However, they knew about me already and what I have accomplished over the years.” In light of the pandemic, uncertainty arose in Jed’s commitment process. The uncertainty sparked as Jed was unaware of the playing field because he “wasn’t able to play in the US last summer.” This caused an internal conflict, he “was debating whether to reject the offer or not and play this summer to try and get more offers however a lot of schools are already full with commitments from my class so [Jed] decided to just play it safe and take the offer.” While this commitment is already a huge step forward in his career, Jed hopes to go further, “I hope to turn professional in the US after college,” he says. Community is a major pull factor for young and talented athletes and George Washington may have just that. Jed goes on to say, “I look forward to meeting my teammates at George Washington and competing with different colleges.”

This culmination of hard work is a positive for both Jed D. and the ISM athletic community. After a successful youth golf career, D1 golf is the next step for Jed in which George Washington will be getting a top talent and ISM alumni to remember.