From Backyard Movies to Game Nights, COVID-Safe dates for this year’s Valentines

Written by: Ignacio 

Edited by: Megh

Visual by: Solenne

As Valentine’s rapidly approaches, many couples are stressed out regarding what to do this year due to the limited date opportunities caused by COVID regulations. But never fear, BT has you covered! We’ve compiled some of the best ideas for you and your partner while following Manila’s COVID-19 precautions. 

[NOTE: The dates mentioned below should be done under the assumption that both you and your date are tested negative for COVID.]

1: Backyard Movie Night

The definitive COVID-safe date nowadays would be a backyard movie night. The weather during February is nice enough to set up a picnic area with a few blankets and a laptop (a projector could also be used). You and your date could watch a movie or series together as the sun goes down (BT’s recommended movies include ‘Your Name’, ‘Ladybird’, ‘Little Women’, and ‘Hitch’). 

2: Walking Date

On the subject of outdoor dates, you and your partner could also go walking around to parks and urban areas together, BGC is full of them, including; Highstreet, BGC Greenway, and Track 30th to name a few. After some walking, a cold bubble tea from ‘Tiger Sugar’ or buko juice from ‘CoCo’ will help cool you off.

3: Baking/Cooking

If you want to try something indoors, baking or cooking with your partner is always a safe bet. A sweet pastry or dessert will do the trick. Try this new chocolate truffle recipe that took Tiktok by storm, accumulating over 10 million views. All you need is condensed milk and cocoa powder – your mouths will be watering in no time.

4: Taste-Testing

An alternative food-related date would be taste-testing together. Order your favorite food from your usual casual dining restaurants like ‘Shake Shack’ or ‘Sweet Ecstasy,’ then compare and contrast their tastes deciding on your mutual favorites. By ordering through online services like ‘GrabFood’ and ‘Foodpanda’ you can avoid the usual hassle of picking up food while remaining socially distanced.

5: Game Night

Another BT certified date would be playing a game together. Board games like ‘Uno’ and ‘RISK’ are classics, but you could always boot up the old Nintendo ‘Wii’ and play ‘MarioKart’ or ‘WiiSports’ with your partner. Either way, you’ll have a fun and slightly competitive time!

Of course, these are only a handful of the many date options available nowadays, but remember to prioritize your safety and to take the necessary precautions to keep you and your partner safe this year. The BT staff wishes you a safe date and a happy Valentine’s!


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