Student Council Candy Grams

Written by: Tara

Edited by: Chris

Visual by: Issy 

Love can be expressed in a variety of ways, even the most simple. This year, it has been a little harder to show love due to mandatory home quarantines. Before the pandemic, we could see others on a daily basis. But now, such luxuries are not as easily accessible. As a result, we must  adapt, and find other ways to show love and gratitude for one another.

Having been apart from friends and classmates for so long, it’s easy to forget how we can show our love and appreciation to each other. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is especially pertinent. But with the quarantine’s restrictions, finding ways to show love is a little difficult, which is why the Sophomore council has created Candygrams. They are a great way to send your friends a few treats, showing them some much needed appreciation in these times. 

When asked for their thoughts on the concept of the Candygrams, an anonymous sophomore stated, “I think it’s a unique concept to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s something you can give to a friend too, and is an effective way to raise money.” Another adds, “Yeah, I guess it’s a nice feeling to receive something from your friends or whoever from school though you can’t meet them. The different packages were a good idea too ‘cause each of them had a special meaning and it would be great to know how your friend feels about you.” Peyton, a sophomore, said that, “I think they’re a good way of showing appreciation yeah! Although I wasn’t able to contribute (I was flying to Manila at the time), I thought it was a very innovative and creative way to show appreciation, especially given the current circumstances of the world.”

Candygrams were delivered to the houses of friends, classmates and teachers, making them the easiest way to send something sweet. While the contents of the bundle aren’t large, the act of buying one for a friend still holds much meaning. “I was so happy to receive the bundle. It was a pleasant surprise and I was really excited when I saw the contents and the cute messages my friends sent,” said Allison, a sophomore. Small acts of love, such as treating someone to a dinner, have been a lot harder this year. Furthermore, many restaurants have limited capacity, and it is more troublesome to eat outside. All these factors skew Valentine’s Day’s typical sense of anticipation and enthusiasm. Fortunately, these Candygrams are a simple reminder that sending appreciation to friends, teachers and anyone special is still possible. All it takes is some effort.