CHS: Chinese New Years 2021

Written by: Jessica 

Edited by: Keitaro 

Visual by: Johanna

As many adjust to what is now the new normal, Halloween and Christmas are still being celebrated–and Chinese New Year is no exception. With events hosted by the Chinese Honors Society (CHS) this week, the ISM community was still able to celebrate the festivity.

With COVID restrictions still in place, the annual activities and events such as the Chinese New Year Lion Dance and food sale held by CHS were unable to push through. Robyn, President of CHS, said that the club “had to be more creative in formulating new ways to celebrate the festival, which brought us to the idea of selling 攒盒-inspired Goodie Bundles. 攒盒 or Tray of Togetherness is a platter of sweets and treats Chinese families use to welcome the new year with prosperity.” The Goodie Bundles are filled with delectable treats which Robyn expressed her excitement in, saying, “I personally had fun hand-picking the treats that would go in our Goodie Bundles, like *the classic* White Rabbit milk candy, pineapple cake, and sesame tikoy (rice cake) roll, to name a few, hoping they would give others a taste of Chinese New Year, along with its festive spirit.” This year, CHS not only offered goodie bundles, but also hosted a raffle with several prizes ranging from gift certificates to a limited edition tumbler. 

When asked about the struggles of trying to host events during distance learning, Robyn expressed the difficulties in the promotion of events and brought social media to her advantage, saying “we turned to our Instagram page, setting up a raffle to encourage participation from the ISM student body, as well as shed light upon the service element of our event — to fundraise for Project PEARLS.” CHS still has plenty of social media posts as well as Chinese music performances in store, so be sure to stay tuned!

The ISM community showed plenty of spirit for the celebration as well. Ninth grader, Emman, says that she decorated her house with “oranges, red, and gold coins for good fortune and will watch the dragon show that goes on in our street.” When asked about a personal highlight of Chinese New Year, Robyn responds, “I can’t decide at the moment since the celebration isn’t finished. CNY, after all, is a 2 week long celebration in China, and it’s just about to start!”

Despite the limits from current circumstances, CHS’s Chinese New Year events have definitely brought more spirit to the ISM community. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!