An Ode to Dogs–Man’s Best Friend

Writer: Sophia 

Editor: Chris 

Visual: Yana 

As the world celebrates love this February, it is important not to forget the one (or more!) member of our family who showers  us with a never-ending  love and admiration: our dogs.

Research has shown that dogs have been domesticated for around 15,000 years, which is around the time humans were establishing their first settlements. Scientists believe that the friendship between man and dog bloomed when humans took in wolf pups, which allowed them to socialize from infancy. It further deepened when man and tame wolf began to hunt together, capturing prey for their mutual benefit. The wolves accepted this relationship, and over time, began to evolve into more obedient creatures, eventually becoming the loyal canines we know today. 

It is nearly a universal truth that after a long day at school, nothing can make you feel better than giving your furry friend(s) a big hug. In fact, it seems that the move to online school has made the presence of dogs even more pronounced. With all the uncertainty surrounding the state of the world, we have become more appreciative of the comfort our dogs bring us. 

 It seems straightforward — you show them love, and they reciprocate with what seems like double the amount of affection. However, there is tons of science-backed reasoning to the human-animal connection, which helps explain why as of 2018, there are more than 470 million pet dogs in the world! 

Science aside, Bamboo Telegraph talked to three doggie-parents about their fur-babies to illustrate just how meaningful they are to our lives.



What is your dog to you?

To me, my dog is an animal that you have to look for but is always there to give you quiet company when you need it.

Favorite memory with your dog?

My favorite memory of my dog is when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time as he was unable to recognise his own reflection and started barking at the “other dog” on the opposite side.

If dogs could talk, what do you think yours would say?

I’m basically older than you in dog years. Please stop telling me what to do…but fine I’ll do it anyway.




What is your dog to you?

My dogs are like my companions and my best friends at home. 

Favorite memory with your dog?

My favorite memories are when they were babies and I had to take extra care of them.

If dogs could talk, what do you think yours would say?

“Leave us alone. You hug us too much” 




What is your dog to you?

My dog is always there when I need someone to depend on and when he needs something, I am there for him also.

Favorite memory with your dog?

When I went swimming one day and he jumped in and I thought he was going to drown but instead he started to swim.

If dogs could talk, what do you think yours would say?

I would not want him to talk. He knows too much. 



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