Senti Seniors: Class of 2021

Written by: Jaeho

Edited by: Keitaro

Visual by: Andie

Day by day, the Class of 2021 gets one step closer to graduation day. It has been a very challenging year for our seniors but with the IB’s confirmation of exam cancellations, many are beginning to reminisce. 

Dani recalls her favorite memory from high school as being Battle of the Bearcats (BOB), “because it is such an amazing event that unites all the grades together. More specifically I love performing at BOB during the opening ceremony, because it gets everyone so hyped and it’s just such a nice feeling overall.” She hopes to relive this experience in the supposed online BOB that will be happening this year. She also has a positive mindset towards online graduations as she thinks, “the effort of trying to make do with the situation we have today by having virtual graduation is still nice because it still gives me a sense of closure to high school.” 

Yvonne was disappointed with the idea of an online graduation as she explained, “it’s so sad that I won’t get to see my friends in person and have my parents see me receive my diploma in person.” Still, she advises her underclassmen to, “take care of yourself first and be positive.” It seems like our seniors are trying their best to stay optimistic during these times. 

John also had some advice for his underclassmen as he suggests, “Create a goal for yourself! It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it keeps you motivated. With the current system, distractions are just a swipe away and you’ll probably get away with it most of the time. It’s important to have a source of motivation that gives you the willpower to keep studying. If anything, use this as a chance to get ahead of your peers! Many will fall prey to this temptation and proceed to go off-task during classes but if you resist the urge, then you can take advantage of the situation to come out on top!”

Andre’s advice for his underclassmen was, “IB is overwhelming but don’t let it completely take over you. What I mean is, please spend time with friends and family as well because that will get you through high school.” He also comically recalled his favorite moment of high school being the moment when he, “crossed Ian up in lunch basketball making him land on all-fours.”

On the other hand, Eion’s favorite memory was “last year’s robotic season (shoutout to the team: John, Jason, Justin).” He explained it “opened my eyes to a new world of experimentation and creation that I’d never thought I’d enjoy as much as I did. Being able to hang out every day with friends while tinkering with cool contraptions was a dream come true. Our trip to Taipei for the robotics tournament also added a cherry on top of the already amazing experience.” Though the last part of the season was cut short due to Covid, he still has fond memories of this experience. 

Though these are hard times, the seniors are trying their best to keep a hopeful attitude towards graduation and are open to offering advice to underclassmen. Let us all hope our seniors make the most out of their last few months in high school and enjoy whatever the future holds for them.