The Virtual All Bands Concert

Writer: Jaeho

Editor: Keitaro

Graphics: Anushka

With both the strings and choir concerts presented virtually, the All Bands Concert is set to premiere on April 7th on Youtube and is arguably the most unique All Bands Concerts ISM has had. Directed by Mr. Naz, this concert will feature “New Era Fanfare” performed by the symphonic band, “Tempest” by the concert band, and many more featuring the 7/8 beginning and advanced band, the jazz band, and the IASAS Octet. 

For the recording of the pieces, each individual player had to video themselves playing on their own with a selected tempo. These videos would then be submitted to Mr. Naz who sent the clips to the editor, Mr. Strycharske, to compile. His first time dealing with such a unique task, Mr. Naz faced many challenges that he had never faced before. He believed the greatest challenge was getting submissions that were on time and correct. Many players submitted their recordings late or with several mistakes which frustrated him. Still, he enjoyed some aspects of it like, “seeing my students all exposed,” and “seeing the final product come all together.” This was a tough concert for Mr. Naz to direct, but in the end, it seems he is looking forward to the final product. 

This concert posed a great challenge for the students too. It was nothing like they’ve done before. The lack of a conductor, other instruments, and rehearsals made it difficult for the players to perform at their best. Trumpet player Kushaal’s greatest challenge was, “to stick to the timing of the percussion recording because at times they went off beat and I had to adjust to match up with it.” Flute player Sora agreed with this statement as, “with offline school, I was able to listen to other instruments and stay on track but now that we are online I had to follow the tempo using a virtual metronome.” Even the IASAS trumpet player Zach found this challenging as he thought, “with such a small ensemble of players any small mistake is very noticeable so we’d have to really make sure to keep count on tempo and end at the same time.” Evidently, the idea of matching the tempo seemed to be the greatest challenge for the players as everyone was on their own this time. 

However, the challenges didn’t mean that the band players had a negative experience as clarinet player Andy explained, “I think an enjoyable part about recording for a virtual concert would be listening to the finished product. It seems pretty relieving to know that the multiple takes you’ve recorded made it into a final product with a lot of your classmates.” Though oftentimes challenging, the band players are looking forward to the final product of their hard work. 

The ISM community is also looking forward to the concert as Allison, the cello player who took part in the virtual strings concert put together, “I’m looking forward to it because the strings concert was a success! It was nice to see how it was still possible during these times.” It is nice to see the musicians of ISM supporting each other’s performances. 

In the end, the various band groups in ISM tried their best to create a concert in an unfamiliar medium and let us hope their concert will be successful, much like the prior strings and choir concerts.