BOBx Expectations

Written by: Jessica

Edited by: Keitaro 

Graphics by: Johanna 

The inaugural virtual Battle of the Bearcats (BOB), one of ISM’s largest high school events, is coming up on April 23rd. The highly anticipated event has shifted to a virtual environment, hence the name BOBx. Bamboo telegraph interviewed ISSBA and ISM students to get more details and gather varying perspectives on student expectations.

With exactly 43 activities planned, BOBx leaves no room for boredom. When asked about the planning process, President of ISSBA, Chloe said, “initially, ISSBA and I were anxious when it came to events as we thought it would be impossible to transfer past BOB events to an online setting.” Despite this, not only were events such as BOB dance and debate adapted virtually, but new activities like freestyle battles and minecraft building competitions were included.

Chloe also mentioned her biggest challenge was planning for an online event for the first time. Planning such a big event also involved grade level councils, bearcat council, teachers and more, therefore making communication “complicated and stressful at times.”

As a senior, when asked about any feelings on having their last BOB virtually, Sarina shared a positive outlook, saying “although it’s not the BOB expected for this year, I am proud that we are spirited enough to make it push through to the best of our abilities under such difficult circumstances.”

On the other hand, freshman Minkyu shared his mixed feelings on his expectations for his first BOB, saying, “I’m very excited and curious about how it’ll happen virtually. Also, I’m quite worried about how we’ll be able to show school spirit, having it online. However, I am very excited to face my first ever BOB virtually.”

Minkyu also commented on his interest in the first online BOB noting, “since BOB is usually created with all the passion and competitions between batches face-to-face, it will be interesting to see how it will go. Especially the chants.” 

Chloe also added that she’s “really looking forward to seeing the whole highschool come together especially since this year has felt very isolating and we haven’t had many opportunities to interact with other grade levels. Also looking forward to what the seniors have in store for our final year of BOB!”

As students express their excitement for BOBx, the event will surely bring inclusivity and school spirit within the ISM community.