ISSBA Candidates’ Favorite Dishes from the Kantina

Written by: Jaeho 

Edited by: Keitaro

Graphics by: Andie

On April 30th, the ISSBA elections will be held and this is a crucial date for the ISM highschool community. There are 12 candidates running in the cabinet pool and the presidential pool. A document with information on all the candidates will be released on April 27th but BT has decided to find out more about our candidates as people. So, BT took the candidates on a trip down memory lane and asked the question,

“what is your favorite dish from the ISM Kantina and why?” 

Raina (presidential pool): My favorite dish is definitely the creamy tomato pasta from Prego. It was originally sort of a secret menu item invented by a student, who innovatively combined Prego’s carbonara and tomato sauce, until it spread throughout the student body by word of mouth. Thus, I believe it acts as a symbol of our school’s unity, togetherness, and collaboration. It showcases our strong ability to connect over trivial things like creamy tomato pasta, and collaborate for a tastier canteen experience. 

Miguel (presidential pool): My favourite dish from the ISM Kantina would probably be the chocolate crepe from Prego. I eat the chocolate crepe as merienda or dessert, it’s a good little boost of energy- it has a banana in it, it tastes good, it’s cost-effective. You can’t go wrong. You can also add the whipped cream on top to add a little bit of that extra texture, fluff, sweetness.

Dylan (cabinet pool): My favorite dish from the kantina would have to be the creamy tomato pasta from Prego. Creamy tomato pasta epitomizes the diversity and inclusivity of it’s student body. Creamy tomato pasta incorporates the sweet flavours of the pomodoro sauce and the rich flavour of the carbonara sauce, and, like the student body, it shows us that the best combination occurs when ingredients of completely different background come together to work as one. It is in my belief that we should all strive to make the ISM student body more like the creamy tomato pasta from Prego, and I hope that, if elected to ISSBA, I may be able to facilitate the integration of our students such that they may be able to find the most happiness and success in ISM.

Sophia (cabinet pool): I love the chocolate chip cookies from Good Eats! Whenever we get back to school, those will be the first things I plan to get because they’re perfect to snack on since they’re mini cookies and are so good if you get a pack of chewy ones. They also don’t look too fancy so you don’t expect that much when you first get them, but they turn out to be really impressive. It was something I would always share with my friends after school or during break so I have happy memories associated with it which definitely contribute to why it’s my favorite thing from the Kantina.

Sarasa (cabinet pool): This is so bland and boring but I usually pack my lunch. Not only do I have a sensitive stomach, but my parents always forget to give me money to put in my card. But the other reason why I don’t need to buy lunch that often is because when I get hungry I always just go straight to the dance room to get some skyflakes from my favourite food supplier, Yek.

Chris (cabinet pool): It would have to be the lasagna for me. Big fan of the sauce and meat they use. Also like the portion size. It’s not so large that you can’t finish it while also taking time to enjoy the food, but also not so small that you finish it too quickly. Looking forward to having more of it post-pandemic for sure.

Sunny (cabinet pool): My favorite dish from the ISM Kantina is tomato spaghetti. I chose tomato spaghetti because it is the dish I had on my first day at ISM. I tend to put a lot of meaning to the “first”. The “first” not only makes me believe that I can take a little step to a new journey and do my best every moment but also gives me the confidence to initiate new things without much hesitation.

Eliana (cabinet pool): My favorite would have to be the Creamy Tomato pasta from Prego. For those that don’t know, that pasta is not officially on the menu. But, if you go up to the cashier and ask for it, they’ll give it to you. I recommend everyone to try it at least once in their life: you’ll be blown away haha.

Grace (cabinet pool): Chicken teriyaki from Asian express. I just love how convenient it is; I am starving after a morning of classes and I just want to get something quick and warm. You can’t go wrong with chicken teriyaki. But I have to say that this is a hard question seeing that I barely remember what it feels like to be in the Kantina. The thought that hundreds of people used to eat in the same place seems distant to me. Nevertheless, food is not what I miss most about school.

Michael (cabinet pool): My favorite meal from the kantina would have to be the burrito bowl, because of how customizable it is. I would often find myself overwhelmed with how many different decisions I would have to make at 11:30 am every day, like which type of meat to put, or what extras I would like. To be fair, that element of surprise is quite entertaining, and I would be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t live for it. Luckily, there are people that enjoy sprinting to the kantina at 11:26 to be first in line, so they are generally the test dummies who forecast the volatility of the chicken’s crispiness for the rest of the day. Finally, the burrito bowl is very eloquently crafted, and it is quite poetic watching its assembly as I sit there in awe.

Stella  (cabinet pool): I’d say that my favorite meal in the Kantina is the beef burrito bowl from Chihuahua. Despite the large range of food vendors, I used to get a burrito bowl almost every day for lunch because it has practically everything that I need in a meal. In addition to that, I used to have meetings almost every lunch so ordering a burrito bowl was the most efficient and was a lot faster than buying something at Prego or the other food vendors. Looking back at it now, the abundance of food choices in the Kantina is definitely something that I miss.

Kareem (cabinet pool): My favorite dish in the ISM kantina is the omelette, beef tapa and rice combo. I really enjoy the flavor of the food and it is a comfort food for me. Moreover, it reimburses me with the flavors of the Philippines and I feel a connection with the Filipino community by consuming that meal. I have lived in the Philippines for the past 16 years, I grew up here and this is my home. Whenever I eat it, it reminds me of my childhood and the amazing memories that I have cherished – it is a dish that makes me happy in life.