Meet the New Bearcats of ISM!

Written by: Alexis

Edited by: Sara

Visuals by: Zoe

ISM is well-known for the diversity of its community, which is perhaps what makes the entrance of new students so exciting! It is able to hold hundreds of students, yet at the same time make everyone feel as if they are part of one big family. ISM is a very inclusive place and we are able to dive into the many different kinds of cultures and backgrounds of people from all over the world! This school year, high school welcomes  86 new Bearcats. Bamboo Telegraph has taken the liberty of introducing you to several of our new students who have arrived this year!

Ava, a freshman, comes from an all-girls school called Elmwood School in Canada. When asked about her transfer to ISM, she replied, “It was sort of nerve-racking at first because I knew I was being thrown into a different environment, a different country, a different way of life, so it was like my life had been flipped upside down. I’m lucky to have some amazing people in my apartment who have become my friends and made the transition easier.” About her teachers, she said, “I haven’t actually been on campus so I can’t say much, but the teachers I currently have are very welcoming and extremely understanding when it comes to certain aspects of my learning.”

Edyn, a senior,  is another new student this year. Before transferring to ISM, she went to Seoul Foreign School in South Korea. She said that her transition has been “pretty easy in terms of school work because I had already done a lot of the senior IAs in my last school, so there wasn’t a lot to catch up on. In terms of friends and everything, it was been wonderful. Many people have reached out to me to asked me how the move has been and everything, which was really lovely.” She also loves how the teachers are very lenient regarding the submission of assignments. One thing that everyone should know about Edyn is that despite having the height for basketball, she truly loves playing football. ISM has a great football team and if ISM opens for in-person school, she might be able to join the amazing sports program!

Emilio, a sophomore, comes from Everest Academy Manila and said that he has already met a lot of new people and made some friends in ISM. According to Emilio, his teachers have also been very friendly and nice. “I like the mix of teachers. There are a lot of different personalities in the faculty and they are all good at what they do,” he said. One thing that everyone should know about Emilio is that he enjoys playing basketball and loves listening to different genres of music, including hip hop and rap.

Lia, another sophomore, went to Ecole Européenne de Bruxelles in Belgium before moving to the Philippines. She said that the transition from her old school to ISM was “what I expected it to be. Adjusting to a new school and overall environment, of course, isn’t easy, but it’s been quite smooth.” One of her favorite things so far in ISM is “how much the teachers care. It’s really important for teachers to want their students to succeed and in ISM, they give us so many tools and opportunities for us to do well.” Lia is that she thinks of herself as empathetic, extroverted, and open-minded. “I joined peer counseling as well, which has been great. So, people are always welcome to send me a message about literally anything.”

Here at ISM, we are able to meet new people from all over the world and learn about a variety of cultures. As we enter another year of virtual learning, we are once again reminded of the difficult process of forming connections with our peers through Zoom screens. This is even more challenging for new students, making it important for the rest of us to do our duty as Bearcats and make everyone feel welcome. ISM is a tight-knit community that is ready to open our doors to new people and experiences and get ready for the new school year.