Digital Detach: Convenience of Monthly Tutorial Rotations

Written by: Ibrahim 

Edited by: Jessica

Visuals by: Ethan

Let’s set the scene. You just came back from a nice filling meal on Tuesday afternoon, ready to take a power nap as the virtual school day has officially ended. You lie down, ready to make up for the five hour sleep you had the night before, until your phone buzzes at 12:16pm,

It’s from a fellow classmate telling you to get onto AP Spanish zoom, ASAP. 

This scenario was swiftly played out last week for many AP and IB HL students as they quickly rushed back onto Zoom. Although the continuation of IBHL and AP classes was not ideal for many, Zoom time and device time was decreased as a whole, satisfying the basic principles of tutorial rotations. This timely break was necessary for all involved and assuredly benefited everyone. 

According to Mysoon Ayuob (M.D.), at The Mayo Clinic, limited screen time is key in enhancing adolescents’ physical, social, emotional, and mental development. Furthermore, it can also create extra time to spend with families and friends. Connecting this information back to our own lives, breaks from Zoom can also help us create a better understanding of ourselves, through the use of exercise, meditation, and reading. 

Sophomore Council Vice President, Aarav, expressed how he felt the break from Zoom was “well-deserved” for him. He often found himself spending extra hours after school catching up on homework as he is not only a Math Honors student, but also took double Advanced Placement courses. On top of that, he carried the responsibility of co-organizing a grade level assembly for his fellow peers that same week. He stated that “it felt necessary not only for his mental, but also his physical state to have this brief respite from Zoom classes.” Thus, he used this hiatus to reconnect with old peers, catch up on some school work, exercise, and of course, spent a few hours gaming. 

On the other hand, Conor, another sophomore, mentioned how he saw this small break, as a “reconnection to his true hobbies”. He noticed that the increased workload over the last month made him lose passion and time in activities that felt very dear to him. Whether that be sports, practicing manifestation, or one of his personal hobbies in podcast managing and marketing, he felt that this break made him reconnect with these hobbies. This newfound free time urged him to try out something new, which is why he attempted a pilates routine for the first time, and spontaneously fell in love.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors all knew what to expect from tutorial rotations due to their implementation the year prior. However, the freshmen were beyond ecstatic to find out about them. Rudy, in ninth grade, brought up how he felt this break was very “productive” for him. He talked about how the transition between 8th to 9th grade was not at all smooth for his peers and himself. Additionally he said that the increased workload felt alien to him, which is why the tutorial rotations were so beneficial. Not only was he able to receive one on one explanations from his teachers, but also got offline hours to spend catching up with his homework.

Regardless of the classes and extracurriculars you are taking on this year, this break was necessary to help promote the overall well-being of high school students. For the next scheduled tutorial rotation for October 4-8, try to treat it as a mental break, and not only from Zoom, but technology as a whole. 

BT hopes you all maximize these much-needed breaks to the fullest!