The ‘Return’ of IASAS: 5km Community Run

Written by: Ignacio

Edited by: Jessica

Visual by: Mischka

It’s been over 620 days since the last time a face-to-face IASAS was hosted. Because of the unfortunate athletic limitations of Covid-19, immensely talented Bearcat athletes haven’t been able to partake in competitive sports. Despite the countless cancellations of the seasonal competitions, some glimmers of hope have shone through as students have had the option to participate in virtual competitions. IASAS for Film, Forensics and  Debate, and the Arts have kept students safe while maintaining the comradery and community aspects of IASAS. 

Unfortunately, however, these virtual opportunities haven’t been as kind to our athletes.

The ‘IASAS Community 5km Run’ is a month-long event that allows anyone in the IASAS community to participate. From teachers to students, to alumni and parents, all are welcome to join in. To enter, one must go on a 5-kilometer jog at their time of choice and provide evidence of its completion and time through submission to this form. Points allocated to the top finishers for each category will also encourage competition within IASAS’s cross country teams, asynchronous students, and all other members of the IASAS community. So, in order to find out what the exciting return of athletics means to the Bearcat community, BT has interviewed a few of its ISM participants. 

Senior Cross Country athlete Ian expresses his excitement towards the Community-Run, saying that “even if it’s just online, I think it’ll get our team going again and I’m excited to have something to train for again.” When asked about his opinion on what the event means for the IASAS community, he said that “it’s a good opportunity for us to reconnect. I feel like getting the teams running and maybe including last year’s seniors will make for a fun competition despite its limits.” Whether you’re an experienced athlete like Ian or have no past experience in the sport, this event allows for all members of the community to strive towards a goal, and reconnect with their school community through a communal activity.

The run’s community aspect also, “allows people to reconnect with their teammates or friends,” as Mr. Nourse, resident math teacher, and varsity basketball coach was quick to point out. “I know we all stay in contact with our close friends, but part of the beauty of IASAS is intermingling with a diverse community from different walks of life.” When asked about his own participation, Mr. Nourse says that he will “try to participate after the break” and encourages others to do the same, believing this to be the first step to bringing back IASAS events for the athletic community. When asked about implementing digital competitions to other IASAS sports, he believes that “something e-sports related, such as holding a 2k tournament or FIFA games would do the trick. E-sport competitions allow student-athletes to continue fostering their passion for their respective sports while still providing competition and comradery. Regardless, Mr. Nourse and many other faculty members will take part in the event, and encourage you to do the same, regardless of your running experience.

The Community 5k Run marks the return of IASAS athletic events, the rebuilding of our community, and a big step bringing us closer to normality. The run may mark the beginning of a series of events that will allow our Bearcat athletes to compete once again, so whether you’ve been running throughout high school, or are even just a first-timer, be sure to support the IASAS community-run, bring your best efforts, and make your fellow Bearcats proud!