Saving the World: Advice and Guidance to Follow One of Our Biggest Heroes

Writer: Ibrahim

Editor: Jessica

Visual: Ethan

Living as an adolescent in the 21st century, we are constantly surrounded with public figures, superstars, and influencers, many of whom we strive to resemble in our own lives. These celebrity  names often come and go, constantly bringing new stories and drama. Nonetheless, a person who seems to retain media status on the daily is none other than Mr. Beast himself. Jimmy Donaldson, better known as “MrBeast”, is a widely celebrated philanthropist and YouTube sensation, who advertises himself as a specialist in the impossible. His videos consist of high budget projects where he gives away large amounts of money to either participants or his subscribers through a series of challenges.

The entrepreneurial creator began his voyage to fame nearly a decade ago. He reached success in 2017 when he switched his channel’s focus to more challenge based content, as opposed to a variety of content.  This is when his channel skyrocketed in views, subscribers, entertainment ranking, and watch time. Although he encountered success at the young age of 19, Mr. Beast consistently made it a point to not only give back to his fans, but also aid the global community when in need. His philanthropism was displayed when he funded an incentive called #TeamTrees, to help plant 20 million trees through the assistance of his 70 million+ subscribers. This project also received help from business magnate Elon Musk. Additionally in many of his videos, he does simple charity work to help out his community, ranging from giving out free cars to people struggling to find means of transportation or paying computers for college students in desperate need. 

MrBeast’s most recent project has also caught the internet’s attention. #TeamSeas, is a global campaign driven by the goal of cleaning up 30 million pounds of waste from the ocean by the start of 2022. The ambitious campaign promised that $1 donated equates to 1 pound of trash expelled from our oceans. Not even two weeks after launch of the campaign, #TeamSeas has already received up to $10 million in donations. Currently, the status of how much Mr. Beast himself has donated is

Mr Beast is clearly helping extricate Earth from the shackles of our unintentional mistakes. We can steadily act upon the lessons he teaches us, and follow the blueprint he and many others set for us. Sustainability is not a new concept, yet its principles have undoubtedly become a side thought during  the pandemic. As we seek to adapt to this ‘new normal’ life, we can take this idea of Mr. Beast and help implement them in our own lives to improve our own sustainability.

One of the most important recommendations we can utilize was the limitation of plastic we use and dispose of in our lives. Experts at Ocean Health Index estimate that 70-80% of global marine debris originate from plastic, while the Ocean Trash Free Seas Alliance approximates an increase of 8 million metric tons yearly entering the ocean. Additionally, most plastic not residing in the ocean gets sent to landfills and washes up on shore. A common practice has become to burn plastic in landfill areas as a cheap substitute for fossil fuels, yet burning plastics can bring the same harm to the planet as fossil fuels. Although #TeamSeas hasn’t specified yet on what their plans would be after extracting the trash, Mr. Beast and his team would most likely find a sustainable use for it. As individuals, we can help decrease our consumption of single use plastics through various tips offered by National Geographic. In order to live more sustainably, we should end the use of plastic straws, use reusable containers, recycle cloth to make bags, and implement recycling practices in our own lives. Another way we can help is by decreasing our energy consumption. The European Union Youth sector tells us that implementations we could take to limit carbon emissions could range from using public transport more frequently, increasing air conditioning or decreasing heating unit temperatures only by 1-2º, unplug electric equipment that is not in use, and a really small approach we all overlook is to unplug devices once fully charged.

Stella, a sophomore in the Sustainability Council, mentioned that she loves “how he (MrBeast) is a multimillionaire that is attempting to save our planet and I admire his dedication to cleaning up the earth”. However, she also felt a bit skeptical about if the project would be able to deliver on it’s promise. With such an ambitious project, there will always be constant doubts and uncertainties. But with MrBeast’s previous successes such as TeamTrees, many have optimism for the project to flourish.

Celebrities have the influence to be able to change the world, and it is magnificent to see Mr. Beast take a stand for a global issue, impacting the present and future. With the impact he has brought, and the advice of others, we too can be involved in this process of saving the world.