How to Make the Most Out of your Winter Break!

Written by: Ignacio

Edited by: Jessica

Visual by: Mischka

After a very frantic first semester, the upcoming winter break provides a much-deserved break for ISM students. But despite the fun holiday season and relaxing weeks off, the second semester of our school year is imminently looming on the horizon. Thus, BT has compiled a handful of tips for our Bearcats in order to both relax and recharge after the past semester and ease the load of the grueling second semester.

Tip #1: Disconnect

It feels like for the last few weeks, we’ve all been doing the same thing. Snooze our alarm, slug ourselves out of bed, step up our school set up, or head to school, struggle to keep up in class, study for an unimaginable amount of time, and crash back into bed. Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or faculty member, the return to hybrid learning and the consistent workload has taken its toll on all of us. So no matter the pressure of upcoming assignments, BT recommends all members of the ISM community to take time to disconnect from their routine, don’t be afraid to sleep in, pick up hobbies or tv shows you’ve been waiting to binge, or even reconnect with friends and family that you haven’t had time to be with lately.

Tip #2: Reflect

The holidays also offer a perfect opportunity to look back on this semester and reflect upon it. What went well, what went wrong, and most importantly, how can the next one be better? Taking time to contemplate on all that’s happened is the first step to preparing for what’s yet to come. Journaling, meditating, and individual sports are all viable options when it comes to finding a time to look back on what you’ve done, and begin to look ahead.

Tip #3: Schedule 

After you’ve taken your time away from school and have reflected upon it, it’s time to take initiative. Look ahead towards assessment calendars, holiday homework, or for our dear Seniors, application deadlines. You may not need to get started on them over the break, but scheduling out your first few weeks back from the break is key to getting off on the right foot. BT recommends you to do so by setting up your upcoming assignments on google calendars or emailing teachers to catch up and schedule meetings as soon as we return to school, by doing so, the franticness many experiences throughout the early weeks of the year can be mitigated and bearcats can enjoy their return back to school.

Tip #4: Enjoy

All things considered, the holidays are meant to be a time we can spend with our friends and loved ones. Whether you’re traveling, staying in Manila, spending time with family or friends, make sure to appreciate their company, and if nothing else, enjoy the season and forget about school, even if it’s just for a bit.

So, whether or not the first semester has lived up to your expectations, remember to take some time to disconnect, reflect, schedule ahead, and enjoy the holidays. Both your body and mind will thank you for it after such a tough first semester! As always, BT is proud of your efforts this semester and wishes you the best of luck on the next one. Happy holidays Bearcats!