Paw Prints: Namisha & Charan

Hey, Bearcats! Welcome to Paw Prints, Bamboo Telegraph’s newest section where we catch-up with our very own alumni and interview them on what they have been doing post-graduation and their experiences during their time as students at ISM. New Paw Prints articles are published on a monthly basis, so look out for next month’s issue!

Our first interviewees are siblings Charan (Class of 2016) and Namisha (Class of 2019) Uttamchandani.

How long were you at ISM for?

Charan: 5 years

Namisha: 8 years!

What university did you attend and what was your major?

Charan: The University of Exeter; Major in Business Management

Namisha: University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion – 2nd top school in the world for Fashion and Design; Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Where you are now (location, career)?

Charan: After graduating, I moved back to Manila. I am now working within the fashion industry as well as the growing cryptocurrency industry.

Namisha: London, currently a part-time Product Specialist at Apple, Oxford Street – the busiest Apple Store in Europe!  

One fun fact about yourself?

Charan: I used to be a vegetarian for 5 years! Before it became mainstream. 

Namisha: I am passionate about the merging of Fashion and Technology, specifically to do with non-fungible tokens powered by blockchain technology. 

What is your most memorable experience on campus?

Charan: Playing basketball at lunchtime with my friends, senior prank day 

Namisha: Grade 12 good-bye party! Loved spending time with friends before heading off to study for exams. Such a great day put together by the PTA.

What was your favorite food to order from the cafeteria?

Charan: I am not sure if they are still around, but I used to love Asian Express/Red Kimono. Can’t go wrong with a Chicken Teriyaki at lunch. 

Namisha: Without a doubt, the best food at ISM is the Chicken Parm Sandwich and Iced Tea at the Bearcat Cafe! Had this everyday for two weeks – and always craved more. 

Who was your favorite teacher?

Charan: Mr. Pasamba from Grade 8 science. 

Namisha: Mr.Pasamba – 8th grade science teacher, he taught both my brother and I, will never forget him. Such a legend. 

What was your most unforgettable ICARE?

Charan: I think my favorite ICare was Caliraya. I went in my freshman year and it was truly humbling seeing how poor the teaching conditions can be, for less fortunate kids. We truly made friends for life. 

Namisha: I really enjoyed my trip to Bahay Tulayan. We had the opportunity to hand paint a mural for the playroom at the school, will never forgot the kids coming along to join us

What was your best Battle of the Bearcats?

Charan: Probably in my Junior year. We actually beat the seniors and won the trophy. I even participated in the dance competition.

Namisha: My best friend Miguela performed. She rocked that stage, super memorable! She’s gone on to become a successful artist, check her out on Spotify – Miguela Puyat. 

What was your favorite school event?

Charan: Probably BOB because of the competitiveness between batches.

Namisha: Battle of the Bearcats! The energy in that gym when the winner was announced was immaculate. 

What do you miss the most about ISM?

Charan: I miss the competitiveness and the school spirit. Seeing how all of the students supported the bearcats during IASAS was amazing. 

Namisha: I miss the sense of community ISM offered. The feeling that we are all part of something bigger than just highschool.

What is a lesson you learned from your time at ISM?

Charan: Never take anything for granted. 

Namisha: Work smart, not hard. Help is available to you if you need it, all you have to do is reach out. 

Do you have any regrets?

Charan: I wish I spent less time in the clinic and more time in class hehe.

Namisha: The only regret I may have is not getting involved enough. If I could go back in time, I would try-out for every sports club possible. It’s a great way to make lifelong friends. 

Any advice for current high school students?

Charan: School and grades have to be the number one priority for high school students but don’t forget to enjoy your time, while you are there. High school will never come back and the friends you make, while at ISM, will be your friends for life. Some of my fondest memories were during high school, and I believe every bearcat should have a similar experience to mine. 

Namisha: It’s highschool. Study hard and put your best foot forward, but please don’t forget that if things don’t work out – it’s only highschool. It’s the perfect place to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Thank you, Charan and Namisha! We are so proud of all the amazing things you have accomplished.