Upcoming TV Shows You Can’t Miss

Written by: Ibrahim

Edited by: Jessica

Visual by: Ethan

Over the pandemic, TV shows and movies have suffered a sharp decline in popularity and revenue, forcing them to push back production, reshoots, and post-production. In fact, in 2020, the global theatrical revenue dropped by $30 billion, with more than 70 TV shows getting canceled or delayed due to the lockdown. With blockbuster movies and popular TV shows finally resurfacing in media, fans will finally be able to receive the quality and frequency that they missed over the last two years. So far this year, we have received two global DC Comic hits: the beloved TV show, Peacemaker, and the genius movie, The Batman

As shows start releasing more often, BT has compiled a variety of upcoming and new shows for all audiences, ranging from Superhero, Science Fiction, Sports, Comedies, to Reality TV. As an audience, it is a huge blessing to be able to see new shows and seasons as opposed to binge-watching the same show time after time again. 

Space Force

(Directed by Greg Daniels, featuring Steve Carell)

Space Force is a modern-day twist on the ‘Space Race’ where countries battle to establish their governance on the moon. In Space Force, the United States government gives orders to a group of individuals to help fabricate the 6th branch of the United States Armed Forces. The movie follows General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) and his team through their journey in achieving this goal. Despite a poorly rated first season, Space Force Season 2 satisfied critics and fans, due to the removal of a lot of the forced comedy prevalent in season 1. 

Currently, Space Force seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

(Directed by Adam McKay, featuring Quincy Isaiah)

For basketball and sports fans who also love a good storyline, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is a must-watch. Based on the Showtime Lakers of the 1980s (Pat Riley, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty gives an insight into their personal and professional lives in an exaggerated but comedic way. The shows’ main intent is to entertain audiences by revealing moments that defined the team’s decade-long dominance, while also going into depth about each one of their biggest accomplishments. These moments include everything from the playboy lifestyle of Magic Johnson, to the heated trash talk between the Lakers and Celtics finals matchups.

Currently, the show releases a new episode every Saturday and is four episodes in, and can be found exclusively on HBO.


(Directed by Greg Daniels, featuring Robbie Amell)

Upload is a comedy and science-fiction show which displays one of the humans of the possible future. The simple gist of Upload goes as follows: humans have developed technology so far ahead that now individuals can “upload” themselves into a digital afterlife of their preference. It goes over the pros and cons of living in a virtual heaven, discussing the moral and political standpoints as well. The show touches on whether playing God is interrupting the patterns of life, or if it is necessary for the next stage of human evolution. With amazing ratings, fans are hopeful of receiving a third season in the foreseeable future. 

Upload Season 2 came out on March 11th and is currently streamed on Amazon Prime. 

The Kardashians

(Directed by Kris Jenner, featuring Kim Kardashian) 

Fans of Reality TV and Hollywood will love the upcoming The Kardashians series, a spin-off show to Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK). Long-term fans of KUWTK were left devastated when the series got canceled in 2021—the release of The Kardashians will help fill that void. The main point of the show is to convey stories and narratives from the Kardashian and Jenner families discussing love and life behind the cameras. It has moments mentioning the pressure of managing a multi-million dollar business, but also wholesome moments as a family. The show is scheduled to release its first episode on April 14th, streamed solely on Hulu, and the show in totality could be one to give the final ending that KUWTK never got.

Moon Knight 

(Directed by Justin Benson, featuring Oscar Isaac)

Currently, Marvel fans seem to only focus on one project in mind: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However Marvel has also subtly been releasing trailers of other projects they are working on and the twisted, psychotic, superhero Moon Knight looks promising to many. 

Moon Knight is a dark superhero TV series, which follows a nocturnal employee, discovering that his body is shared with an executive trained mercenary. It links to other Marvel projects down the line yet takes a shift from Marvel’s current bright and cheerful work, similar to almost a Batman movie. 

Like all other Marvel TV shows and movies, Moon Knight will stream on Disney Plus starting March 30th.

Overall, it is incredible to see that despite it only being the first quarter of the year, we are receiving so many new seasons and series to look forward to. Entertainment is part of our lives and has fragmented itself into creating communities dedicated to films and shows. Cliques and friendships have been made solely over the bonding of TV show appreciation and love.

BT hopes you enjoy all these shows in 2022!