Return to Sport is Back for a Second Round

Written by: Justin

Edited by: Jagat

Visual by: Macy

Due to its tremendous success the first time around, the Return To Sport (RTS) program is back for a second stint. Similar to the RTS Session 1, the primary aim of this program is to get students out training and interested in sports again after having been quarantined for two years. To execute this plan, the sessions will mainly focus on skills, drills and fitness in general, all in the hopes of having students ready for the regular sports programs in August. 

Another objective of RTS Session 2 is to offer new sports that couldn’t be included in Session 1, giving more opportunities for students to participate. Session 2 still includes some of the classics from Session 1 such as Boys Basketball and Badminton, but it’s also headlined by sports like volleyball, baseball and softball, all of which are exclusive to RTS Session 2. The full list of Session 2 sports is as follows: HS Boys & Girls Volleyball, HS Boys Basketball, HS Girls Basketball, HS Boys & Girls Badminton, HS Rugby, HS Boys Baseball, HS Boys & Girls Tennis, HS Girls Softball and Chess.

Session #2 sign ups have been completed, and the program will last 7 weeks beginning after spring break on April 18th and continuing up till the end of the school year on June 3rd. The schedule for each sport’s practice days and its respective location is attached below.

Students are ecstatic about RTS returning for a second time. A junior, who chose to stay anonymous participated in Session 1 explained, “I joined the basketball session for RTS 1. I enjoyed it a lot, it was fun playing the sports I didn’t get to during the pandemic.” When asked if they would join session 2 again, they replied, “For sure! I already signed up for RTS 2 because it is overall just a great opportunity to bond with other Bearcats over our favorite sports.” 

A sophomore who also wanted to stay anonymous who wasn’t attracted to the Session 1 sports is looking forward to being able to participate in RTS. They said that they were “a bit bummed out that volleyball wasn’t offered in RTS 1, but really glad that it’s here for RTS 2.” They also “heard many great things about others’ RTS experiences and am really excited to compete again.”
The Athletics Department thanks everyone who took part in RTS 1, and finished by stating, “We hope Session #2 will be as successful and well attended as Session #1 RTS was with the enthusiasm of our coaching staff and the energy of you, our student athletes.” The RTS program thus far has been and will continue to be successful in not only reintroducing sports but also bringing students together doing something they enjoy. For anyone who signed up for this amazing opportunity, make the most of it, immerse yourself in the ISM community, bond with other Bearcats and have fun!