Spring Break Ideas

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With mocks, EEs, and IAs presently consuming students’ lives, it is no surprise that students have been  eagerly awaiting the forthcoming spring break. Some may be eager to return to their home countries or travel to new exotic locations. Even if you’re only staying in the Philippines for the holidays, there’s plenty to do in the country! Here is a list of spring break locations in the Philippines.



Siargao is growing increasingly popular as a holiday destination. Siargao is a small island in the Philippine Sea that is recognized for its gorgeous and enigmatic beaches. Fine white sand and crystal pure blue waves characterize this beach. Spend your time at a quiet beach with tidal rock pools or a posh beach resort. Siargao is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, due to it’s massive waves which are much larger than those seen in other places in the country.  Jacob, a Junior says that, “ It is a very relaxing and fun experience as I was able to destress and not think about anything school related.” 


Why Baguio City Philippines Is The Best Place For You To Live? | by Ryan  Gen Cabebe | Medium

Gia, another junior, said about Baguio, “It was so nice to go to because you feel like you are in another country, but due to the many bombings and attacks here in World War 2, it feels a bit haunted”. A lovely mountain province not far from Manila, Baguio is worth a visit. One popular place to stay while here is the Baguio Country Club which is conveniently located close to several tourist attractions. Go ziplining between the numerous hills and mountains found in Baguio, horseback riding on colorful horses, or simply relax and enjoy the cool temperature, which is a welcome change from the intense heat of Manila. 

El Nido 

Coron or El Nido - Which one is the best? - Love and Road

El Nido, in the province of Palawan, will never disappoint. Imagine uninhabited white sand beaches, secret lagoons, many of which are found around Miniloc Island, and towering forest-covered limestone mountains rising out of pure tropical waters; examples include the Bacuit limestone formations .The views and scenery here rival those all over the world. 

Spending an entire day on the islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bacuit Bay is spread out over a big area, so you might wish to stay here for a few days.  Bellee, a Junior who frequently goes to El Nido shares,  “My second home for more than 12 years, El nido is a place that still shocks me with its beauty on land and below water each and every time. You feel as if you’re in a movie, or some surreal place. It’s our country’s hidden gem, with such biodiverse wildlife everywhere you look.” 


Bohol Tarsiers - Worlds Smallest Primate

The island of Bohol, located in the middle Visayas area of the Philippines,  which moves at a slower pace, due to lower amounts of daily tourists, highlights the country’s natural splendor. The Chocolate Hills near Carmen are one of the island’s most remarkable natural attractions. This UNESCO-protected site consists of 1,200 geological formations that turn dark during the dry season, resembling a chocolate candy kiss landscape.

A family-run sanctuary for the tiny Tarsier primate, called the Zen Sanctuary which is famed for its wide, captivating eyes, is located on the island of Bohol. For a modest price, you can have a private tour of the premises and get up close and personal with the small nocturnal creature. “While the beaches in Bohol are absolutely breathtaking, I would say that the main attraction for many people, including myself, was seeing the cute little Tarsiers, something I have never seen anything like before”. Says Celine, a junior who recently went to Bohol. 


Cebu - What you need to know before you go – Go Guides

Cebu, located in the center Visayas region, is known for having some of the best diving and snorkeling in the country. If you enjoy diving, Cebu is one of the greatest places to visit for tours that allow you to get up and personal with whale sharks, coral reefs, and sea turtles.

Sea caves, which attract photographers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for unique diving and snorkeling places, provide some of the most stunning landscapes from the water around Cebu. Snorkelling and diving here are very unique due to the crystal clear waters and diverse martine life found under the water. Sudlon National Place, about an hour’s drive from Cebu City, is a stunning park to explore and hike through. While Cebu’s main attraction is its ocean, Cebu City is a bustling metropolis with museums and cathedrals that will appeal to history aficionados. Ananya, a junior who visited Cebu over the winter break, said that, “It was really fun and a good change of pace in terms of beaches from the usual Boracay. The sand wasn’t as nice but seeing the wildlife was really fun, and the place we stayed at had a really nice game room that we used very much.”

Puerto Princesa

6 Things You Need to Know About Puerto Princesa - Everything You Need to  Know About Puerto Princesa – Go Guides

Palawan Island’s rock islands, caves, and natural parks are the Philippines’ hidden paradise. The coastal city of Puerto Princesa is a good place to start if you want to see some of the country’s natural wonders. The Subterranean River National Park is a good place to start if you want to visit a five-mile underground river and some spectacular limestone caverns. Boat cruises in the national park are available at the UNESCO World Heritage site. Honda Bay, which is known for snorkeling, and Ugong Rock, where you can attempt ziplining and caving, are two more must-see attractions in Puerto Princesa. Going through and exploring the underground river was probably one of the coolest things that I have ever done, while it was scary at times it was amazing to see those large numbers of bats all sleeping.” 

Whether you’re going to any of these great places or staying in Manila, it’s important to continue to stay safe no matter what. However, with this in mind Bamboo Telegraph hopes that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable spring break! 

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