Disney+ in the Philippines

Writer: Sara

Visuals: Kahyun

Editor: Ines

After much anticipation, Disney+ finally launched in the Philippines on Thursday, November 17th! The Philippines is the fourth Southeast Asian nation to officially have access to Disney+, a platform that is home to Disney movies and TV shows, including those of its subsidiary companies, National Geographic, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. As the Philippine edition of Disney+ also hosts a slate of Korean entertainment, bringing together Disney lovers and K-Drama fans. 

Disney+ is a subscription video on demand streaming service, among the likes of Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime Video, and is owned and operated by Disney Studios’ mother company, The Walt Disney Company. The platform mainly distributes movies and shows produced by Disney, however some regions also stream content that are non-Disney related. As Disney has quite a selection, ranging from full-length motion picture dramas like the film Hidden Figure, to Disney Channel’s newest animated series Big City Greens, it has garnered one of, if not the most diverse group of subscribers yet.

For those wondering how much Disney+ costs in our own Philippine pesos, there are currently twosubscription plans depending on your device and whether or not you wish to opt for the premium or standard plan. Where a mobile plan will be P159 for 3 months or P1150 annually, and the premium plan will be P369 for 3 months or P2950. The differences of these two plans are the pixel quality of the streaming, and only the premium subscription will allow users to have up to seven profiles per account. Moreover, the mobile plan will be a little more restricted, where image quality will only be up to (HD) 720p, and mobile plan will only allow one concurrent system at once.

David Shin, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of South East Asia’s Walt Disney Company commented, “Through Disney+, we are opening new doors of entertainment to everyone with our heritage of unparalleled storytelling, creative excellence and cutting-edge content delivery.”Many Bearcats have been looking forward to Disney+’s launch in the Philippines, and many have not had access to Disney+ content as it was unavailable in the Philippines without a VPN. However, now that it has been launched we look forward to hearing Bearcats share their thoughts on shows and films from Disney+ all around campus!