KASAMA Saturday Service

Written by: Gabrielle

Edited by: Erich

Visual by: Nicolas

The ISM non-teaching staff play a vital role in the Bearcat community. Every security officer, cleaner, and kitchen worker provides their best care to ensure that students have an exceptional learning environment that is both safe and clean. With that, the student-run club KASAMA aims to strengthen the connection between non-teaching staff and students, by hosting service activities and projects that encourage interaction. The club is well known for  annually hosting KASAMA’s Got Talent and an Enchanted Kingdom trip, but another favorite amongst members are their Saturday services. Last weekend, KASAMA hosted its second Saturday service of the year, in collaboration with the Visual Arts Club (VAC) and the National Dance Honor Society (NDHS). 

The day started off with brief but meaningful icebreakers in the ES courtyard, such as virus tag and duck duck goose. Instantly, the playground facilities became a popular destination for the younger children, who particularly enjoyed the trampoline, monkey bars, and swings. Visual Arts Club, a recurring sponsor of the KASAMA Saturday Services, led a Christmas tree themed drawing activity, where kids used the abundant supply of colored pencils to express their Christmas spirit. From this, they were able to procure trees that ranged from abstract purple sketches to delicately drawn balsam firs. To finish it off, club members taught the kids how to make paper snowflakes using scissors and a folding technique. 

Meanwhile, the National Dance Honor Society led an exhilarating dance workshop. Kids got their groove on as they followed the upbeat steps that NDHS members demonstrated. A quick warm up then shifted into a fun dance battle, and ended with a cardio session of Just Dance games, a perfect way to transition into a refreshing swim in the pool. 

After a fun-filled, active morning, it was only proper to conclude with a big lunch. All members of KASAMA that attended the Saturday service contributed to the shared potluck, which consisted of apples, pizza, barbeque, burgers, and donuts. About 120 plates were filled.

Maya (10), who attended both of KASAMA’s Saturday services this year, describes them to be “something special and fulfilling that really creates a sense of community.” She was able to recognize some familiar faces in the group of kids, depicting how long-lasting connections can really be built from these experiences. Mr. Hillman, KASAMA’s advisor, comments that “It was wonderful to have face to face community-building days with the local staff and the local children. Spending time at the swimming pool and enjoying the fantastic lunch was the highlight of my weekend.”