Bamboo Telegraph is ISM’s online high school publication currently consisting of over 40 staff members. We publish a range of articles discussing topics, both ISM-centric and global, that impact our community across our five sections. We also provide coverage of IASAS events hosted at our school through yearly IASAS bulletins. Our Humans of ISM instagram additionally aims to foster a greater sense of community and connection. Our dedicated writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators strive to consistently produce high quality work with a fast turnover rate, and promote Bearcat spirit and unity through their contributions.

Bamboo Telegraph Online

2019-2020 Team

Advisor: Nadia Hartley

Managing Team

Editor-in-Chiefs: Kody, Mayako
Copy Editors: Amelie, Gisele
Web Publisher: Erica
PR Manager: Norbu
Art Director: Yana
Jr. Art Director: Issy 

Section Editors: Lucas, Keitaro, Megh, Joaquin, Chris, Sarah Pa. Leela

Staff Writers: Scott, Jagat, Justin, Eve, Jessica, Jaeho, Clara, Lara, Julia, Catherine, Chloe, Ignacio, Mariah, Sarah Z., Anusha, Martin, Tara, Sophia, Sara, Julie, Andie, Amadine 

Photographers: Shawna, Cindy, Somya, Caleb, leonard

Graphic Designers: Johanna, Anushka, Allison, Zoe, Sarah Z. Solenne, Sarah Pr., Kailani


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