Bamboo Telegraph is ISM’s online high school publication, currently consisting of over 50 staff members. We publish a range of both ISM-centric and global issues that impact our community across our four sections for ISM students, faculty, and alumni, and also provide coverage of IASAS events hosted at our school through yearly IASAS bulletins. We are also responsible for the popular Humans of ISM page which aims to foster a greater sense of community and connection. Our dedicated writers, editors, photographers and illustrators strive to consistently produce high quality work with a fast turnover rate, and promote Bearcat spirit and unity through their contributions.

Bamboo Telegraph Online

2016-2017 Team


Advisor: Nicole Gough

Managing Team: Alice Ye, Jiwon Cyhn, and Sammy Westfall

Section Edtiors: Georgina Pekin, Ryan Santos, Melissa Dy, Grace Stevens, Zaineen Karim, Nicole Westfall, Sam Borja , and Kayla Uytengsu

Staff Writers: Josh Miller, Margarita Te, Woosuk Kim, Sacha Bindra, Sally Jang, Carlos Po, Georgia Limcaoco, Angelica Chang, Joaquin Mayo, Audrey Sy, Gitika Bose, Ramisa Salsabil, Alfonso Syquia, Jaewon Cyhn, Seo Young Oh, Selina De Dios, Kamille Jude, Bethan Henderson, Meg Barraca, and Aayush Gupta

Head Photographer: Jinny Park

Photographers: Mike Feng, Rendel Balisi, Medha Srivastava, Faria Basher, Joungbihn Park, Anjo Nagallo, Maria Pinto, Sarah Daniels, Paulina Karlsson, SeHwan Kim, Nina Mabasa, Juan Periquet, Brandon McAlister, Cathy Tan, Charvie Yadav, Basti Belmonte, Patrice Yam, Justine Lee, Shiho Kasai, and Ana Natividad

Illustrators: Alice Jao and Abhinav Subrimaniam


Bamboo Telegraph Video

2016-2017 Team coming soon!

  1. Gina

    Enjoy the article about 2014 XC , day 2 5K race! However, please correct the girl’s 2nd place runner’s name, it should be April C., not Alice!


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