Spring Break

Article By: Emmy Nam After a week and a half of blissful relaxation, we’ve finally returned to waking up early in the morning and reluctantly making our way to school. From the bomb of assessments right before spring break, it was a well deserved and needed vacation. During this week off, many people traveled to […]



Article By: Joshua Emmanuel Tan All of us have written poems, at least in class. Although most of us accept that writing is an art, most would not believe that there is a show solely based on a specific type of poetry. Recently, NHK, a Japanese media company similar to CNN and BBC, featured ISM in […]


Hosting IASAS Forensics and Debate

Article by: Joshua Tan For the reason that Cultural Convention is not as held as frequently as IASAS sports tournaments, many of the students do not have a concrete understanding of its importance. This year, ISM is given the opportunity to host IASAS Forensics and Debate. The convention exposes students to different forms of public […]