Day 1

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Photographs by: Matthew Seet and Jiyoung Kim

Looking Back at Day 1

By Isabel Quah and Abhi Kottamasu

The first day of IASAS Tennis is off to a promising start as teams from each IASAS school are looking stronger and more determined than ever in their battle for the coveted gold medal. The atmosphere up on the tennis courts is intense and electrifying: point after point has the crowd breaking into cheer in support of their respective teams. All supporters, whether they watched the action live or from hundreds of miles away, were treated to an exciting variety of matches.

According to ISM co-captain and 4 year player DeeDee A., “Teams this year look promising, and its going to be a head-on battle between SAS and ISM.” However, despite the pressure of hosting and having to defend its title for both boys and girls, ISM definitely hasn’t flinched. Having won all its matches today, ISM is definitely one of the top contenders alongside SAS and JIS for girls and TAS for boys. Individuals worth noting in particular are athletes Stefan S. (ISM) and Mongkol “Mong” S. (ISB) from the boys division and athletes Sami U. (ISM) and Hayden S. (SAS) from the girls. All four are undefeated so far and have proven most promising, putting them all in contention for the “All Tournament” award.

While they were not ferociously battling it out on the courts, players could be seen relaxing and joking around with each other off the court – epitomizing the true spirit that defines IASAS. Additionally, the Pinkberry and Big Chill stands specially installed for the event not only rejuvenated our tired athletes but also attracted more spectators. Another highlight was that ISM alumni, IASAS Tennis veteran, and former team captain Daniel Um commentated for the live stream, adding to the overall spirited atmosphere with his witty insights and interactions with spectators.

One of the most intense matches of the day was the third singles match between Diego G. (JIS) and Ranbir M. (ISM).  In a gripping match that pushed all supporters to the edge of their seats, Ranbir raced to a 4-1 lead but Diego made an astonishing comeback that won him the match 8-4. The second doubles match was similarly breathtaking: after constantly being down two points, Will B. and Eric F. (ISM) won 8-6, sealing ISM’s victory to JIS, 3-2.

As always, IASAS brought out everyone’s school spirit and filled the air with the buzz of healthy competition and great sportsmanship. Everyone is anticipating more exciting matches to come in the following days. For now, we can only wait enthusiastically to see which teams will emerge as the IASAS Tennis champions.