Day 2

Day 2 Highlights & Recap

JIS vs. ISB girls

Article by Alice Ye

While ISM students headed home after a long day of school, the JIS Dragons and ISB Panthers began warming up in preparation for their game. The first quarter kicked off at a rapid pace, with both teams scoring numerous points in the first few minutes alone. The boys teams and parents from each school greeted each shot with enthusiastic chants of support. The score remained close throughout the first quarter; in the final moments of the game, tensions heightened as JIS scored a basket, putting them at 10 points to ISB’s 5 points, but the panthers were able to make a quick recovery by scoring a 2-pointer in the last 2 seconds. The first quarter ended with a score of 10-7 in JIS’s favor.

In the second quarter, the Panthers were able to rally their team and pull through to lead. Both teams showed exceptional teamwork and coordination, passing the ball seamlessly. While a JIS player unfortunately got injured after a collision with another player, fellow dragon Yea-Jin L. was able to score a free throw in the final moments of the quarter, bringing the score to 13-22 with ISB in the lead.

Energized by their comeback, the ISB Panthers continued their strong performance in the third and fourth quarters. Particularly notable was player Kelly R.’s basket that she scored after a long series of passes between her teammates. While the JIS Dragons fought valiantly and both scored their own baskets and blocked quite a few attempts made by ISB, the game ended with a victory for ISB, the final score being 28-45.

SAS vs ISKL boys

Article by Kylie Cyhn

The IASAS experience is action-packed and lively, even more so if your school is hosting it. This year, ISM plays host to the IASAS basketball tournament, which garnered excitement and established a fun but competitively charged atmosphere. On the second day of IASAS, the game between SAS and ISKL boys was intense. In the first quarter, the SAS Eagles started strong, with player Armando D. managing to steal the ball mid-pass and Ryan P. managing to take full advantage of the free throws. However, ISKL followed closely behind, leaving the score for the first quarter 16-10.

During the second quarter, SAS lead strongly, with players Anton L. and Armando D. scoring impressive 3-pointers, which led to a immediate round of applause. It was noted that SAS was consistently communicated well with each other, improving their teamwork. ISKL also  displayed sportsmanship, keeping their passes strong and fast. When Evan O. from ISKL stole the ball from SAS and shot a 3-pointer, the crowd broke into chants and applause. The score for the second quarter, however, was 37-14, with SAS still in the lead.

In the third quarter, SAS maintained their strong communication and demonstrated great technique, scoring many more points. Ryan P. from SAS shot an impressive 3-pointer and ISKL showed resilience by blocking some of the attempted shots made by SAS. ISKL gained possession of the ball halfway through the quarter through some amazing dribbles, guarding and passing, scoring several more points, and getting the crowd very excited. Despite their valiant efforts, the score for the third quarter remained with SAS in the lead, with a score of 51-20.

In the final quarter, ISKL started with renewed vigor, scoring a 3-pointer to kick off the first few minutes. They also blocked many of SAS’s shots, with Kian F. foiling multiple attempts. ISKL scored a more points, while SAS managed to score another 3-pointer. When the game ended, the spirited crowd clapped and cheered for the talented and hard working players. The game ended with victory for SAS, with a score of 63-24.

ISB vs. ISM girls

Article by Gitika Bose

The game took off with a number of layups from ISM’s Mia D. and Anna H., followed by an impressive 3 pointer from ISB. As the players became acquainted with one another and the crowd’s cheering began to grow in intensity, the first quarter passed with some clever but careful tactics. The ball moved back and forth swiftly across the court until the end of the quarter, which left ISM in the lead.

The second quarter set up the large 37 to 5 lead for the ISM team. Despite admirable effort from both teams, such a big lead undoubtedly put ISB under a lot of pressure. It was an honor to watch them maintain their resolve, with no hint lost determination. The two teams continued finished the quarter fiercely, keeping the crowd on the edges of their seats.

As the third quarter was about to begin, there was tension in the air as ISB strategized to make up for ISM’s 32 point lead in the remaining two quarters. With some good attempts at 3 pointers by co-captains Hinako I. and Gabrielle F., the game progressed, leading to final score in the third quarter of 41 to 7 in favor of ISM.

Though one may imagine that this is an impossible leap to make in a single quarter, ISB played tirelessly with no loss of enthusiasm, perseverance, or effort. Their supporters in the stands also showed no signs of wavering. In the fourth and final quarter quarter, ISB went ahead to catch up with a few baskets, leaving the game at a dramatic end of 44 to 13, a win for the ISM team. The results demonstrate the skill and exemplary sportsmanship from both teams, and their love for the game.