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Photographs by: Maxine Alindogan and Jupiter Lee

Remembering Day 2

Article by: Umar Maniku & Kamilla Jamal

Day 2 of the IASAS Tennis tournament certainly did not fail in continuing to uphold the vigor and excitement that goes hand-in hand with interscholastic sporting competitions. The serves were thunderous and the volleys were exhilarating as the various schools continued in their pursuit of the gold medal. Thus today was not without its fair share of intense matches. Of note in particular was the match between players Sami U. (ISM) and Hayden S. (SAS). Supporters wildly cheered on the athletes as they battled it out on the court in the decisive match between their respective schools. After a series of powerful serves and impressively placed shots, Sami took the lead at 3-0. However Hayden demonstrated her prowess in an impressive comeback that resulted in a 7-7 tie. In the final tiebreak, Hayden won 7-3, placing SAS in the lead for the girls division after beating JIS 5-0 and ISM 3-2.

The confidence and talent of all the athletes are things very much fostered by off-court rituals and traditions which is why BT sat down with some players to investigate how different teams collectively cultivate determination and team spirit. Our ISB players revealed that their team ties their shoelaces all the same way before each game whereas TAS shared that it ensures all of its team members’ water bottles are filled before games. JIS chants “Naga, Naga, Naga, Oi, Oi, Oi” before all its games and JIS Senior Ravina S shared that these chants are extremely helpful for getting her into the right mindset for her matches. But players are not the only ones invested in these chants; their families eagerly participate too.

IASAS Tennis wouldn’t be half of what it is without the raucous crowds of proud parents, passionate teammates and encouraging coaches that continued to cheered on our athletes today. Particularly poignant was when TAS parents devotedly cheered on their player Rohan S. during the boys’ heated second singles match against opponent Harrison S. (JIS) who ended up winning the match 8-5. Nevertheless, although the overall competition atmosphere was intense, athletes still embodied the same spirit of camaraderie that makes IASAS competitions so great. As Josh Z., (JIS) affirms, the “friendly faces all over [create] a fun environment that is both heartwarming and exhilarating.”

Tomorrow evening at 7:45, the tennis awards ceremony kicks off, marking the end of season 2 IASAS.


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