Day 3

Day 3 Highlights & Recap

Boys Semifinals: ISB vs JIS

Article by Aayush Gupta

Much to the disappointment of many Bearcats, the boys basketball team was unable to qualify for the semifinals. However, the semifinal match between ISB and JIS was no less exhilarating, as both teams competed for a spot in the finals. The game started off strong, with both teams looking to score the first points. It was the JIS team who made the first breakthrough a mere 30 seconds into the game. However, the ISB team was quick to respond, with an equalizer a few seconds later, evening out the score at 2-2. The first few minutes of the game were extremely intense, as both teams searched for opportunities which would allow them to score. Both schools engaged in a rapid-fire round of quick scoring in the first quarter, with JIS scoring a point in the final few seconds of the quarter, making the score 7-4 in their favor.

The teams were greeted with a roaring cheer as the second quarter began. This time around, both ISB and JIS seemed to be relying on quick, unexpected counter-attacking strategies to score points. With each counter-attack, the cheering got louder as both schools had a nearly equal representation in the crowd. However, ISB seemed to struggle as JIS began to pull ahead, ending the second quarter with a score of 22-13.

After a 10-minute half-time break, the ISB team looked ready to narrow the point gap between them and JIS. Both teams displayed some excellent gameplay, and they looked for weaknesses in each other’s defences to provide them with an opportunity to score. Both teams communicated well, and there were successful passes between the players. ISB scored four points in quick succession, forcing JIS to reevaluate their defensive strategies and adjust accordingly. Their countermeasures proved to be effective, as they managed to slow down ISB’s progress, and re-establish their lead, ending the third quarter with a score of 30-18.

JIS was greeted by a huge roar from their fans as they came onto the court for the fourth quarter, with ISB fans equally enthusiastic and supportive of their own team. The crowd cheered incessantly throughout the quarter, with both teams giving it their best. However, the game began to slip from ISB’s hands as JIS continued to extend their lead with only a few minutes remaining in the game. The match ended with a score of 43-25 in favor of JIS, who move on to the finals and have an opportunity to win the gold, while ISB will have a chance for redemption as they play for bronze.

Girls Semi-Finals: ISM vs SAS

Article by Kylie Cyhn

The benches were filled with eager students, teachers, and parents, holding banners and drums to project all of the viewers’ excitement over this game. ISM girls were to play SAS girls, the previous champions of last year’s IASAS, to gain a spot in the championships. The game was intense for sure, even from the start. Player Madison M. from ISM seemed to be a strong player from the beginning, with her accurate shots and getting an impressive three-pointer, which merited a loud cheer from the crowd. SAS fought back, getting a basket, and through their communication and blocking skills, managed to steal the ball many times as well. ISM managed to take advantage of free throws, with Madison M. getting a point, and Mia D. getting two points. A highlight in this game would definitely be when an SAS player attempted to get the ball in the hoop, but accidentally got it caught on the side of the hoop, causing some confusion and laughter. The game resumed after that, with SAS scoring a few more points. However, Anna H. from ISM got a great steal and scored another impressive three-pointer. The first quarter ended 6-10, with ISM in the lead, causing an uproar from the ISM viewers in the bleachers.

ISM continued to lead in scores, scoring four more points quite quickly through free throws. The team spirit for ISM remained strong, with some of the players on the bench shouting encouraging messages and advice. This continued to help ISM’s strong communication, until an ISM player accidentally got a foul for accidentally tripping over an SAS player. SAS got a free-throw, which they used to their advantage by scoring a point. Madison M. from ISM definitely shined through this game, through her speed and shots, getting two more points. The same thing happened again, where Ariel L. from SAS attempted to get a point, but instead lodged the ball on the side of the hoop accidentally, which caused more laughter from the crowd. The second quarter ended with ISM still in the lead, with a score of 18-9.

The ISM team seemed to gain more confidence coming back to the third quarter of the game, and the SAS team returned with more determination. This showed in their performance, as they really worked hard to get the ball, with their strong passes and great steals. However,  ISM’s Mia D. had a very fast dribble, which helped teammate Madison M. score an unexpected basket. The ISM players on the bench seemed excited and motivational, cheering out of their seats, especially when Anna H. got a long 3-pointer. However, SAS got a couple more points after that, getting a free-pointer afterwards as well. The game was definitely intense, and constantly moving. If you blinked, or looked away for a second, you could miss something important. SAS’ Ana C. got two points before the third quarter ended, but ISM were still in the lead with a score of 34-18.

Finally, the final quarter started, with each team determined to take a place in the finals. ISM started off strong, with an amazing 3-pointer, and Madison M. from ISM getting a point from a free ball. Both teams’ morale was high, as they were motivated and determined to get that spot. The crowd was noticeably excited as well, cheering and clapping. It went back and forth, with SAS player Maya D. getting a basket, followed by Selina D. from ISM scoring a basket. Then, Cosette K. from SAS got a 3-pointer, followed by ISM’s Steffie F. scoring another 3-pointer. The last shot of the game was scored by SAS’s Maya D. However, ISM won in the end, with an ending score of 43-25. The players from ISM in the bench leaped out and joined their fellow teammates, hugging them and laughing. The ISM supporters in the crowd gave a standing ovation to the players, and made a bridge for the players to run out of, in victory.

Boys Finals: SAS vs JIS

Article by Sacha Bindra and Alfonso Syquia

After the girls finals game, parents and supporters from Singapore American School and Jakarta Intercultural School gathered in the MS gym for the much-awaited boys final. Both the crowd, as well as the players from each team, were brimming with energy and excitement.

Once the game began, both teams made strong, high-energy efforts to score the first points. JIS player Scot W. was the first to score, two minutes into the first quarter. SAS were swift in their response, catching up with their own basket almost immediately afterwards. The subsequent moments were extremely intense, as both teams worked tirelessly to keep the score even. Their determination was always met by enthusiastic cheers from parents and teammates in the crowds. Despite a valiant effort to keep scores even by SAS, stronger offense from JIS resulted in a 14-19 lead by the time the first quarter ended.

By the time the second quarter began, energy from the audience had not wavered, and the players were greeted with a cheer once again. JIS immediately scored a 3-pointer, showcasing their impressive offensive skills. Regardless, SAS continued to fight, as their score gradually increased. Ultimately, JIS began to pull slightly ahead, gaining a 33-22 lead by the time the first half of the game commenced.

The SAS Eagles came back strong with two shots from Jaelen C. and Drew S. in the first minute of the third quarter. One free throw from Wyatt G. and two 3-point shots from Ryan P. later, SAS was now tied with the JIS Dragons. However, the tie quickly slipped out of the Eagles’ reach as JIS dominated the second half of the quarter, ending the time with a 9-point lead over SAS.

Once more, SAS started strong in the final quarter with two successful shots made by Jaelen C. JIS quickly answered with their own two shots making the overall score 47-39 to the Dragons. However, this did not seem to dampen the Eagles’ determination. With a tremendous amount of crowd support, the Eagles were able to score in the last 6 minutes of the quarter with a 3-pointer from Ryan P. JIS responded with their own shot made by co-captain Nathan S. and a free throw made by co-captain Garrett P. However, once SAS got possession of the ball, Ryan P. shot another 3-pointer to tie up the game once more at 57 – 57.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats. Drew S. from SAS successfully made a free throw, giving the Eagles a one point advantage. However, with 30 seconds left on the clock, the JIS boys were more than motivated to win this tournament. After a failed attempt at a 3-pointer from Garrett P., Nathan S. got the rebound and scored the winning basket with only 0.1 seconds left in the game to deafening cheers. The buzzer went off and the Dragons’ supporters rushed in the court to congratulate the boys on a well-played game.

Girls Finals: ISM vs TAS

Article by Audrey Sy and Sacha Bindra

The final game for the girls of the IASAS Basketball tournament 2017 opened to enthusiastic applause and cheers for all sides of the jam-packed middle school gym. TAS quickly picked up a 4-point lead in the early minutes of the game, though ISM ran to hurriedly take points back. Clawing up to a score of 9-4, favoring TAS, the Manila Bearcat crowd seemed undaunted and spurred their team on with even louder cheers and chants. Following a well-timed break by the ISM coaches, the girls stepped back onto the court playing at a furious pace, with Manila’s Madison M. almost immediately sinking a smooth 3-pointer shot, bringing the score to 9-7. Still, TAS continued to maintain their slight lead until the end of the quarter, finishing with a score of 13-12.

In the second quarter, both ISM and TAS redoubled in their efforts as they fought a tight match for the gold. Constantly staying within two points of one another, both teams seemed determined not to give way to the other. Though the ISM team lagged behind by a full eight points midway through the quarter, and co-captain Selina D. injured her knee, the Bearcats showed incredible resilience as they slowly and surely made their way back up to a score of 24-22, to TAS, by the end of the quarter.

At the start of the second half, the spirited ISM and TAS crowds welcomed the players back for what was sure to be another strong fight from both sides. Although initially behind, the ISM girls were able to momentarily lead against TAS with a score of 26-25, as a result of two successful free-throws from Manila’s Steffi F. However, ISM soon lost this slight lead in the following moments of the third quarter. Although they scored once again in the remaining time, offense from TAS proved to be stronger. The quarter ended with free-throws from TAS, which left the score at 32-28, with the Tigers in the lead.

In the final quarter, TAS’ lead against ISM grew even more prominent. Some clearly notable and top scoring players in this time frame were Taipei players Lauryn S., Tiffany C., and Cheyenne H., with co-captain Lauryn being responsible for at least 16 out of the 49 points scored in the match. As always, TAS parents and students showed immense support for the dedication that the team displayed. Similarly, the ISM crowd remained enthusiastic and supportive, cheering wildly whenever ISM scored. Although Manila’s enthusiasm was unwavering, the gap between the scores only continued to grow. Despite being ISM’s top scorer for this particular game, scoring 13 points out of the 37, Steffi F. hit her limit and was fouled out of the match. In the last 30 seconds of the game, a free-throw from co-captain Mia D. gave ISM a 1-point advantage, yet that was still not sufficient to compensate for the considerable lead.

In the end, the Taipei Tigers emerged victorious with a score of 49-37. TAS supporters rushed to congratulate the players on a job well done. ISM supporters joined the court as well, hoping to show their gratitude and pride for the remarkable dedication that all Bearcats have displayed this season.