Day 3

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Photographs by: Jiyoon Kang and Sienna Hagedorn

Day 3 Recap: Finals and Consolations

Article by: Julianna Ching and Jupiter Lee

The last day of IASAS Tennis started off with just as much energy and anticipation as the previous two days. Today the competitive spirit of IASAS shone at its brightest, the athletes played their best, and the crowd cheered with their all. The morning was not without excitement; the second singles match between Justin S. (ISM) and Alex M. (SAS) of the boys division was so close, the outcome could have gone either way. But Justin won the tiebreak, giving the ISM boys another victory.

However, the afternoon matches are what determine the rankings and are therefore much more competitive. After countless serves and winning shots in the boys division consolation round between SAS and JIS, SAS places third. On the other hand, ISM and TAS advanced to the finals to brawl for the much-coveted gold medal. Although the Bearcats lost their third singles and second doubles matches, they won their first and second singles matches, putting the two schools at a 2-2 tie. This left the first doubles players, Matt S. and Javier D. (ISM) and Alex C. and Brian M. (TAS), to play the deciding match. After a series of ties, ISM took the lead and won 8-4, giving the ISM boys their fourth gold medal in a row.

Over at the girls division, JIS and ISB competed in the consolation round while ISM and SAS fought for gold. The games between ISM and SAS also ended with a 2-2 tie, once again leaving first singles players Hayden S. (SAS) and Sami U. (ISM) to play the deciding match. Only this time, the stakes were much higher as the players were contending for gold. It was an intense battle as the scores were constantly tied: 5-5, 6-5, 6-6… In the end, Sami won 8-6, marking the fifth year of the ISM girls team’s gold streak and ISM’s fourth double gold in a row. SAS takes the silver medal and JIS wins bronze.

What was ultimately left over was the embodiment of the IASAS spirit. Despite the results, the athletes managed to create a spectacle together in their hard-fought matches with their worthy opponents. However, what was truly spectacular was the athletes’ ability to bond not only as a team, but also as an IASAS family. And it is with this incredible show of talent and spirit, that IASAS Tennis 2015 comes to a close.