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A Final Thank You

Although the Philippines is constantly under pressure from heavy rainfall, this year, the Super-typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) was one of the strongest recorded tropical cyclones in history  to make landfall.  With sustained winds of up to 295 kph, Haiyan was considered to be a category 5 hurricane and has affected an estimated 11.3 million people in the Philippines.

The destruction of the storm has been massive, but relief efforts have been extremely responsive, without the exception of the ISM community.  In attest to the true nature of the Bearcat spirit, students, parents, alumni and other international organizations connected to ISM have started fundraising to contribute towards the relief effort. With the whole school community mobilized to respond to the disaster, this page will act as a running tabulation of all the different ISM groups that have raised funds for the areas affected by the typhoon.

If you are an ISM community member located in Manila or an international alumni and would like to help the relief efforts, check out this link describing how you can help.

Amount of money raised by the ISM community in PHP and USD as of 25/11/13


ISM Contributions

ISM’s Donation to UNICEF: 874,700  pesos (20,000 USD)

On November 11, ISM declared that the school would be supporting UNICEF’s Relief Efforts and made an initial donation of $10,000 to UNICEF to provide immediate assistance.

For more information about this relief effort you can click this link:

ISM Community Anonymous Donations: 763,086 pesos (22,497 USD)

As of November 14, the cashier for the UNICEF disaster relief fund received 471,000 pesos from parents, alumni and other members of the ISM community.

Parent Teacher Association Donation Delivery:

The PTA facilitated the delivery of donations to the victims of Haiyan, specifically Red Cross for Meds and evacuation centers in need,  during the International Family Fun Day Day event held on Saturday November 16. The PTA requested for canned goods, blankets, clothing and medicines.  During the one day event, the PTA had to arrange for two more trucks to come to collect the extensive amount of donations that flowed into school that day.

Philippine Cultural Club: 175,000 pesos (4,017 USD)

Having just partnered with the Philippine Community Foundation and raised money from last month’s Filipiniana celebration, the Philippine Cultural Club decided to further its service efforts by donating 175,000 pesos of its funds to ISM’s disaster relief effort.

UNESCO Club Global City: 12,000 pesos (275 USD)

Through selling goods during Friday Night Lights, the UNESCO Club Global City managed to raise 2000 pesos that they are donating to the school’s disaster relief fund. They are also sending 10, 000 pesos to a separate branch of UNICEF to help distribute donations in the affected areas.

American Cultural Club:  13,000 pesos (298 USD)

To promote the true American spirit, ACC cooked and sold hot dogs during Friday Night Lights, and donated all of the profits to the typhoon relief.

Korean Cultural Club: 7, 000 pesos (160 USD)

The Korean Cultural Club similarly raised money during  Friday Night Lights by selling kimbap, and contributing half of their total profits to the disaster fund.

Varsity Touch Rugby/ Tackle Rugby Team: 5,250 pesos (120 USD)

The girls and boys rugby team decided to use their combined touch rugby and tackle rugby varsity team dinner to raise money for the UNICEF fund, by bringing their own food to a potluck, and charging entrance.

National Honor Society: 100,000 pesos (2,287 USD)

With money raised from previous senior auctions and family fun day shifts, National Honor Society committed 100, 000 pesos from their account to the Haiyan effort reliefs on November 19.

Middle School Typhoon Haiyan T-Shirt Sales: 62,000 pesos (1,418 USD)

As of November 15, Middle School art teachers, specifically Ms. Carmel Lim-Torres and Ms. Morgan Jacobs helped raise 62, 000 pesos selling the T-Shirts decorated with the Bearcats for Haiyan logo.

Battle of the Bands: 20, 000 pesos (457 USD)

The Battle of the Bands committee, which organizes an annual musical competition fundraiser for ISM students to participate in, donated 20, 000 pesos to the Haiyan fund. Battle of the Bands will also contribute the profits of their ‘Rockin Round the Christmas Tree’ event to the relief efforts.

Free Dress Day:

On Friday, November 29, the high school administration has allowed high school students to wear Battle of the Bearcats class shirts, or ‘I Support the ISM Disaster Relief Fund’ t-shirts, as well as non-uniform pants and skirts. A contribution of 100 pesos or more will be collected by students who chose to wear free dress.

Operation Santa:

A teaching assistance from Preschool is running a series of four plane trips to the affected areas to give emotional aid to children who have been shell shocked by the trauma of the typhoon. Preschool and Grade 4 students are producing messages and letters of support as well as collecting toys  for these kids.


SPECS-TECC Service Club: 8,745 pesos

Raised 1, 745 pesos during  Friday Night Lights and 7, 000 pesos by selling various types of food at the recent MS Party. Decided to donate the money earned to the ISM Relief Fund, because they believed that it was of the utmost importance to help not only the SPECS community, but also attend to the needs of the greater Philippine community.

Chinese Cultural Club: 15,000 pesos

The Chinese Cultural Club decided to donate some of their club funds to the disaster relief.

International Contributions

Taipei American School: NT$456,516 (or 15,217 USD)

Taipei American School dedicated their time to creating a donation stall to generate funds for the victims of the typhoon. They managed to raise a total of 15,217 USD or approximately 668559 Pesos to the disaster relief effort, all of which the school donated to UNICEF.

IASAS Schools Contributions 

The other members of the Interscholastic Association of the Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) had likewise been quick to act; immediately upon hearing the news of the disaster, the other schools contacted ISM to help contribute to the relief efforts in any way they can.

International School of Bangkok: 15,145 Pesos

The International School of Bangkok was able to raise a total of approximately 346 USD for Haiyan, which had been transferred into the ISM Citibank account. The ISB Student Council, Global Issues Network Club, Shining Hope, Operation Smile, and the Filipino community had also worked hard to collect donations via various fundraising activities such as bake sales and donation boxes.

Jakarta International School: 15,900 pesos

As a fellow IASAS school, the Jakarta International School generously donated to the disaster aid a sum of 15,900 pesos, wire transferred to the ISM bank account.

International School of Madrid: 4400 Euros (258,863 Pesos or 5,943 USD)

Besides the IASAS schools, the International School of Madrid, despite being miles away, made it a priority to donate to the relief efforts through bake sales and a non-uniform day run by Year 12 and Year 13 pupils. Their bake sale was extremely successful, having raised a total of 4,400 euros.

The English School of Colombia: 30 million Colombian pesos (656, 025 Philippine pesos or 15,000 USD)

The English School of Colombia similarly helped out promptly, with a grand total of 30 million pesos donated, collected from all of the schools across Colombia.

The British School of Caracas: 328,500 pesos (or 7,500 USD)

The British School of Caracas kindly donated a whopping 328,000 pesos for the relief effort, all under the organization of Kerry Edwards, a former teacher at ISM.

Greengates School, Mexico City: 8,141 USD

The Greengates School of Mexico City was able to raise over 8,000 USD in relief donations.

The American International School in Venezuela: 400 USD

The American International School held a potluck Asian dinner for faculty, and through this, was able to raise a total of 400 USD to the disaster relief effort.

United World College of Southeast Asia: 15,947 USD

The United World College of Southeast Asia similarly lent a helping hand to the Philippines by holding a “Focus on the Philippines” day, wherein students were encouraged to wear Philippine flag colors and support stalls were organized; this was highly successful, as it raised around 16,000 USD.

The Hong Kong Academy: 16,000 USD

The Hong Kong Academy, as the new home for many former administrators and faculty members on ISM staff, acted promptly and donated over 16,000 USD to help those in need of assistance.

American School of London

Grade 3 and Grade 4 students in the American School of London also lent a helping hand to the relief efforts. The Grade 3 students collected and counted coins which were donated to UNICEF, and the Grade 4 children created bookmarks to give as thank-you tokens to those who donated.

Other notable donations were as follows:

San Silvestre School: USD 6,400

Kotobuki Corporation: USD 5,000

The International Educator: USD 1,250

Principal’s Training Center: USD 1,250

Jakarta International School: USD 364

Furthermore, extended thanks to donations of an undisclosed amount by the following schools:

American International School – Riyadh

American International School Bucharest, Romania

American Overseas School of Rome

American School of Budapest

British International School NY

International school of Amsterdam

International School of the Hague

International School Kuala Lumpur

International School Prague

Singapore American School

Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Alumni Contributions

Stephanie Singson: Thanksgiving Benefit Concert and Silent Auction

Stephanie Singson (ISM Class of 2001) has organized a thanksgiving concert featuring Teresa Berneau (vocalist), Paulo (guitar), and Jhing (famous Filipino singer).  Furthermore, a silent auction will be held during the event.

NYU-Abu Dhabi:

A group of students, including Kimi Rodriguez ’11 and Moonie Sohn ’13, set up donation boxes in dining halls and student lounges at NYU-Abu Dhabi, and gave out ribbons inspired by the Philippine flag to people who donated. A benefit concert, “Harana” (Serenade), culminated the fundraising efforts where students and the Filipino dining hall staff commemorated the Filipino spirit amidst the impact of the typhoon through songs and live poetry.

Christine Badour 

Christine Badour (ISM class of 2011) has been heavily involved with a variety of relief efforts in Paris, France.  The first of three was a relief concert and auction called ‘Bangon Pilipinas’.   During this event, Filipino-American singer Stephanie Reese (known for her role in Miss Saigon and her performances at Carnegie hall) performed and 200 people filled the cathedral in attendance.  Furthermore, a charity auction was held auctioning off items such as jewelry, handbags, kitchenware, and vacation trips (donated by various contributors including ISM alumni Vicky Herrera and Anna Ongpin).  The second fundraiser Christine took part in was a charity buffet called ‘Brunch for Lunch’.  The food was prepared by Paris based Filipino chef Aaron Isip.  Some other ISM Alumni present during this event were Anton San Diego and Christopher Heras de Leon.  The last of the three fundraisers Christine took part in was ‘A Gift for Hope’.  This was another charity concert but instead of an auction there was a charity market present.  The proceeds of these events went to ‘Gawad Kalinga’, ‘Haligaynon Association France’, and ‘World Vision International’.

Occidental College: 113,740 PHP (2,585 USD) + Clothing, Shoes, and Water

Bearcat Occidental students such as Laura Lehmann (ISM Class of 2011) are organizing a series disaster relief initiatives.  Some of the initiatives include clothing drives, “The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof” sweatshirt sales, and a typhoon relief dinner.  In just five days, 2,585 USD was raised in addition to heaps of clothing, shoes and water collected.

Vanessa Perez-Rubio Maffia and Rosanna Perez-Rubio Casper

When two sisters, Vanessa (ISM class of 1996) and Rosanna (ISM Class of 1998), heard that LBC would be shipping boxes or relief goods free of charge to the Philippines for distribution to the typhoon victims via the Red Cross they decided to organize a drive. They compiled a list of recommended donation items and created an Amazon wishlist, where people could buy online and have the goods shipped to their house directly. Not 2 weeks later, they had 42 boxes filled with canned goods, water, clothing, baby necessities and other survival supplies.  The boxes were dropped off at LBC on November 22 and have been shipped to the Philippines.

Stiftung Solar Energie: 17,600,000 PHP (400,000 USD)

Ken Lee (ISM Class of 2007) is working on an initiative to provide solar power to typhoon struck areas.  Solar power is one of the few alternatives for solar light and cellphone charging in areas without power and some areas of the Philippines, such as Panay, Samar, and Leyte are expected to be out of power for two to three months.  So far, solar power flashlights have been deployed in evacuation centers, hospitals, clinics, and search and rescue operations.  So far, 527,179 PHP have been donated, 250,000 USD have been pledged, and 50,000 PHP additional is expected to come.

Check out his campaign with Stiftung Solar Energie at: and

Barnard/Columbia University: 130,695 PHP (3,000 USD)

Between November 12-15, Rhea Schmid (ISM Class of 2011) and other members of Barnard and Columbia Universities held a bake sale, raising 3,000 USD.

Furthermore, they are holding a benefit concert on November 22 to raise more funds!

Isabel Sanchez and Kito Mojica: 1,000,964 PHP (22,749 USD)

Isabel Sanchez (ISM Class of 2004) and Kito Mojica (Class of 2005), who are currently in London, have created an online campaign called Rise Philippines to raise money for the Disaster Emergency Committee and have raised a total of 14,000 GBP so far!

Check out their campaign:

Harvard College: 514,515 Pesos (11,790 USD)

Members of the Harvard Philippine Forum, including Michi Ferreol (ISM Class of 2011), are currently organizing vigils to raise money and awareness for Haiyan. On November 15, 2013, the “Singing in the Rain” benefit concert was held to raise relief funds. During this event, 3,550 USD was collected in cash and 3,240 USD was collected online.

Furthermore, 5,000 USD was donated from Harvard’s disaster relief funds to make a total donation of 11,790 USD.

Georgetown University:

Bearcat Georgetown students such as Natalia Peña (ISM Class of 2013) and Jaime Jimenez have set up an online donation donation site for typhoon Haiyan relief.  If you want to see their efforts, check out the site:


The following schools/alumni are organizing efforts and showing support:

Schools Alumni
NYU Abu Dhabi Moonie Sohn
UPenn Ines Diaz
Mauro Bengzon
Christine Cabigao
Occidental Laura Lehmann
Tufts Angelo Martinez
Amanda Saban
Stanford Mika Limcaoco
ACS Cobham International School Georgia Raniolo
More information will be available soon!
We would also like to recognize any other ISM community members that showing support for Haiyan and aren’t on this page.  If you have any ISM related relief efforts that aren’t yet on this page, please email:


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