Holy Family

Article by: Joseph Hadaway

The smallest site of this year’s ICARE, Holy Family proves that strength does not come from numbers. Holy Family, a homeless shelter in Taguig City, houses boys and girls without families. This year, ten ISM seniors went to Holy Family to paint bedroom and build a sliding door for the children. Additionally, the seniors donated a selection of cookies, board games and presents for the kids, and spent time with them over the course of the two days.

Initially faced with the problem of a limited number of students, seven of whom were only assigned to the site less than twenty-four hours beforehand, the students stepped up to the challenge and successfully painted the room and entertained the twenty-six children, despite the lack of a concrete plan.

However, the constraints of having only half the number of people and half the time originally planned still played a role. One of the people from the site, Rahul Agrawal, said that the lack of planning forced the people to “improvise”, but commended the entirety of the ICARE group saying, “We were able to adapt to the situation really quickly and it made organizing the different tasks and activities easier to do.”

Rahul also mentioned that the limited number of people was also a blessing in disguise, citing that the small group allowed for the group to bond more. He also mentioned that the small size allowed for the group to be more flexible and fluid throughout the entire ICARE, which frequently has students assume their own initiative in accomplishing the goals set before them.

Furthermore, Rahul mentions that the limited time, while not preferable, led the group as a whole to work at a faster pace and to feel the need to get as much done in a shorter period. This sense of urgency expedited  the process of painting the room and led to the majority of the site remaining on task.

Despite being the smallest site, the group who went to Holy Family this year truly stepped up to the challenge brought on by the typhoon in true ICARE and Bearcat spirit.