Humans of ISM

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If you could have one superpower, what do you want to have?

“The power to fly. Because in the Philippines, there’s a lot of traffic, so if you had the power to fly you don’t have to wait for the car to move.”


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What is your favorite baseball/softball memory?

Over the past two years of playing with the team, I feel like we have built a strong brotherhood. The chemistry that everyone brings to the team is unbeatable. One memory that I will never forget is how hard each and every one of the boys works during the season and to show the amount of passion that the team does take serious dedication.”

 “I actually started attending ISM halfway through the last softball season. As a new student, I wanted to explore what ISM had to offer and found that softball was a great opportunity. I don’t have any specific memories that stand out, but being involved with the sport and making friends really helped my transition into ISM.”


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When I was little, I found a razor and thought it would be a good idea to shave off both of my eyebrows. So for next few weeks, I had no eyebrows. The best part is that it happened right before I got my visa picture taken.”


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After growing up in really rural places where I’d play with snakes in my garden and go trekking with elephants, I think I’ve really developed a passion for animal conservation. I’ve always felt an obligation to do something about mass extinction, which is such a huge environmental issue. And I really can’t wait to graduate and get into the field.”


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“Be sure to get enough sleep as sleep can often be compromised in the IB. Time management is also really important and as long as you’re on top of all the assignments, IB isn’t that stressful.” 


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“My favorite thing about basketball is that it’s a team sport. It requires 100% effort from each player in order for the team to succeed.  I also love the feeling of making a shot or getting a rebound or steal.  It makes me glad, knowing that I contributed to the game.”


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How is the IASAS team coming along?

“Good. I think this is the strongest the team has been; we’re all working well together towards a common goal and we are hopeful that we’ll be able to get there. Stream the games please!”


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“I’m really excited to finish IB!”