Day 1

Day 1 Highlights & Recap

ISB vs. TAS girls

Article by Bethan Henderson

The game between the ISB and TAS girls began with intense energy from both of the teams. Within the very first seconds, TAS won the tip-off and scored a basket, immediately demonstrating their impressive offensive skills. However, ISB was not discouraged and proved to be a strong opponent. ISB’s Devi D. made two baskets in the succeeding minutes, making a comeback.

The first quarter was extremely fast-paced, both teams urged on by the swarm of supporters on the stand. Every TAS basket was met with huge roars of celebration from the athlete’s parents, clad in blue and yellow. The ISB girls had many members of the boys team there supporting them, cheering them down the court.

Every player displayed great skill and talent throughout the entirety of the first half, both teams playing unabatingly. ISB’s strong defense made TAS work for every basket and rebound, but despite this, TAS took the lead in the first quarter, which ended 8-20.

The second quarter was slower than the first as the players’ pre-game nerves seemed to calm. Both teams seemed focused and controlled, making basket after basket. TAS continued their lead by scoring several shots in the first few minutes, cheered on by the crowd.

Several ISB players stood out in this quarter, one of them being co-captain Hinako I. She demonstrated her impressive dribbling ability when she faked out past her defender while driving to the basket, earning ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from the ISB boys team. Naisha G. also made an impressive steal, causing the boys team to simultaneously cheer in approval.

As the game went on, the intensity only grew. There were multiple struggles for possession and all defense was tight. TAS was in the lead by the end of the third quarter by 22 points, but both teams showed equal determination and perseverance. ISB continued to fight but was unable to catch up with TAS’s lead. The game ended 28-55 to TAS, but was an impressive demonstration of relentless determination on the part of both teams.

ISM vs. JIS Boys

Article by Young Eun Jang

The seats were full, and the crowd was in great anticipation over this much-awaited fight between ISM and JIS. Up until the first quarter, JIS was able to take the lead, obtaining a score of 8-0 to JIS. Then the winds began to change, and the ISM crowd went wild at the snatch of the first score by Martin A. The score moved up to a near half at 18-8 in favor of JIS, as player Dominic D. made a back-to-back score. Before the end of the second half, Noah C. scored two more shots for ISM, closing at 25-16.

During the second half of the game, ISM began catching up to the dragons, scoring one shot after another. The race continued, and after the score of Jason F., ISM and JIS went into a tie of 37-37. The game continued, and JIS scored another two points, a lead which was immediately taken back by ISM’s Conner M. The score settled on a tie for the second time in the game, with a score of 39-39. Tension in the crowd rose with the intensity of the game, as both teams battled it out. In the final moments of the quarter, ISM’s Conner M. scored a shot, bringing the score to 41-41, but JIS fought back and the quarter ended with a score of 43-41 to JIS.

With two points away from a tie, the energy of both the crowd and the game rose to its peak at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Both teams were fuelled by this, and proved to be tough competition. While both teams got close to their respective baskets, shots were unsuccessful until minutes away from the end of the 3rd quarter, when ISM’s Jason F. scored a two-pointer shot, leading to a tie of 43-43. In the final quarter of the game, ISM’s Martin A. scored a basket twice, earning two more points. JIS scored one more point after this, just shy of the two points needed to tie the game.

The ISM boys won the game by one point. This was a big win for ISM, as they had their ups and downs throughout the game. It was a tough match, yet both sides put up an excellent fight. Only time will tell how both teams will fare over the next two grueling days.

ISM vs. TAS girls

Article by Alice Ye

Even before the game had officially started, ISM’s middle school gym was packed with students, parents, coaches, and teachers, anticipating an eventful ISM vs. TAS game. The first quarter kicked off at a rapid-fire speed. Within 30 seconds, ISM had scored the first point, which was greeted by a deafening cheer from the crowd. However, within the next 30 seconds, TAS caught up by scoring their own basket, causing a sea of blue and yellow flags to wave excitedly. This tight competition lasted through the entire quarter, ultimately ending in a tie of 8-8.

During the second quarter, ISM player Selina D. scored an impressive first basket, making the shot from a seemingly impossible distance. However, the Taipei Tigers remained unfazed; before long, TAS player Catherine Y. evened out the score yet again by shooting her own basket. This was followed by a strong performance from TAS co-captain
Tiffany C., who scored a successful free throw. While ISM bearcat Selina scored again after a series of well-executed passes between her teammates, TAS Catherine Y. also made an accurate shot from the right side of the hoop, followed by another basket from co-captain
Lauryn S. The second quarter ended 19-22, with the Bearcats in the lead.

The third quarter proved to be just as close as the first two; Lauryn S. scored a free throw, and Cheyenne H. scored a basket not long after. The crowd waited with bated breath; the score was now tied at 22-22 again. After many attempts to score from both teams, ISM player Catherine P. scored a free throw with only a few minutes left in the game. However, the Tigers were able to score again with Tiffany C., and the quarter ended with a score of 31-29, this time with the Tigers in the lead. The suspense was almost tangible; this was certainly proving to be a very close match.

As the game progressed, the intensity only grew. While ISM fought valiantly, they were ultimately unable to catch up to TAS and the game ended 42-37 to TAS. It was an extremely close match with the leader fluctuating between the two schools by only a few points each quarter. If this game is anything to be judged by, this tournament will surely have quite a few more suspenseful rounds in store.