Article by: Shin Won Kim

Though to many high school students it is a relatively new service club at ISM, NKOO is already a familiar name. However, what people perhaps do not know about NKOO is the rich history behind this now established club, and how it got to where it is now.

NKOO, which stands for Nayon ng Kabataan Outreach Organization, was founded on September 2012,by a former ISM geography teacher, Mr. Kennedy, along with several of his geography students. It was initially started to encourage geography students to actively engage in and experience one of the topics in the geography curriculum: sustainable development. NKOO’s current co-president Aarushi Joshi says that for the past few years the organization has “focused on designing lessons” for the core subject areas such as “math, English, and well-being for the children at the orphanage”, and its main goal, even to this day is to “educate the children and prepare them for life outside their community regarding informational technology, English, wellness and recreational activities.”

After a year of regular Saturday service trips to the orphanage, the organization declared itself an ISM service club and came up with the official name, Nayon ng Kabataan Outreach Organization. Last year, the club has continuously made efforts to gain publicity and to encourage student involvement for this great cause through fund raising in IFFD, selling food during BOB, and having regular service trips to the orphanage.

This year, NKOO has seen a great start, getting many high school students involved in the club through Club Expo, and other methods of advertisement. Aarushi emphasizes that the club is making efforts to make NKOO more sustainable by “organizing a proper structure for [its] Saturday service trips” and to also “[provide] scholarship opportunities to some of the students” at the orphanage.. She also expresses that with “a bigger group of students involved, [we] are planning more events like bake sales” and other fundraising events to help “provide necessary materials for our lessons”, and they foresee a great year ahead for NKOO.

With an intriguing history and a bright future ahead, NKOO is definitely one of ISM’s service clubs to look out for. Watch out for the many Saturday service trips organized for the school year, and get involved in this fantastic club!