Devi de Oliveira
Hinako Inomata
Kanna Oshimi
Gabrielle Fong
Naisha Gandhi
Mackenzie Smith
Jordan Blumberg
Minami Inomata
Kelly Rutherford
Yunice Kim


Sam Oglesby
William (Will) Rutherford
Andrew Thornton
Kevin Irwin
Cedric Lapine
Allan Michelin
Seung Won Paek
William Condra
Kaden Bernhard
Lucas Wilson

ISB Team Article

Article by Bethan Henderson

Amongst the throngs of IASAS teams resting in the canteen or the players’ lounge, you may have spotted a stuffed bunny rabbit in a small pink baby carriage at the feet of the International School of Bangkok athletes. This bunny is part of a long running tradition for the ISB boys, where the freshmen are in charge of looking after it over the course of IASAS.

This tradition is a great example of ISB’s upbeat attitude towards this week. The team is enthusiastic to meet new people and try their hardest to push themselves in games. MacKenzie S. of the girls team says, “I think that it’s really cool that we get to come together and play a sport we love. It’s a really unique experience.”

Jordan B. adds, “That’s kind of what I look forward to: meeting new friends.”

When asked how the team has done in previous years, Jordan B. jokingly replies, “Last year we got fifth. For the first time in three years we didn’t get sixth so we’re improving.”

This team is jovial, positive and have created a supportive atmosphere. The players cheer each other on during games and the coaches are proud.

“We want the kids to get better, have fun, and if they win some awards along the way that’d be awesome,” says Coach Armitage.

Although they may be a lighthearted team, that doesn’t mean that they’re not to be taken seriously. Coach Armitage, who coaches the boys team, noted his team’s determination and persistence in a recent match, saying, “I’m proud that we got down seven to nothing in that game and we fought back with really tough defence and hung in there. They competed really hard, I’m proud of that.” He added, “I think our biggest tradition is that we try to practice hard, so that when we get here, the games are easier than the practices.”

ISB is determined and relentless on the court, which is evident every game they’ve played so far. So don’t let their geniality fool you; the Panthers are definitely a school to look out for!



Naeema Hopkins-Kotb
Micah Angell
Marthanne Davis
Hannah May
Hanna Muse
Jemma Hamzah
Simone Laws
Eliza Chang
Savannah Holmes
Yeongseo Lim


Kian Faizi
Jih Ming Lim
Yun Jie Wong
Nicholas Tan
Umair Fuad
Yamen Sadek
Evan Ortiz
Jae Yong Park
Reeve Woodward
Mattias Sjolin

ISKL Team Article

Article by Alfonso Syquia

The International School of Kuala Lumpur Panthers are more than ready for IASAS. With both teams being very young this year, the Panthers are feeling very optimistic about their chances in this year’s tournament.

When asked about how he is feeling about IASAS this year, freshman Reeve states, “I am really nervous because this is my first IASAS, I’m sure we just need to get our heads in the game to hopefully play better in our next game and for the rest of the tournament.”

Moreover, KL Panther Hannah says, “We’re pumped! We got a young team this year and I think there’s a lot of potential for us to do better than we did last year.”

Reeve also emphasized the importance of warming up before games. “Usually, if you have a good warm up, you’re going to have a good game. They’re essential because they allow us to focus on the game ahead as a team.”

The KL girls certainly feel the same way. When asked how they warm up, Savannah had just one word to answer, “Moana.” She elaborates by saying, “It allows us to take time to ourselves to get in the zone and get hyped for the upcoming game.”

In addition, Savannah states, “We always have to end our warm ups with a made shot. If we don’t, the game is not going to be good.” Martha Anne adds, “We all have matching socks so hopefully that will work towards good luck in our remaining games.”

The ISKL teams are also extremely supportive of each other. There’s no doubt that you have seen the boys cheering on their girls during their games and vice versa. Exhibiting this spirit and sportsmanship is a big quality of the ISKL Panther teams.

Make sure to catch the KL Panthers battling out on the court to see the potential of the young teams that made it here to IASAS!



Mia DyBuncio
Selina De Dios
Georgina Pekin
Catherine Park
Trinity McPherson
Georgina Borzi
Anna Harris
Karin Tange
Steffie Fernandez
Madison McPherson


Jason Fresnedi
Nicholas Hardin
Soham Mall
Ricollete Reyes
Conner McQueen
Aaditya Joshi
Noah Camcam
Harper Sy
Seiryo Sasaki
Martin Alindogan

ISM Team Article

Article by Aayush Gupta

As the hosts of this year’s IASAS Basketball, there are high expectations from the ISM basketball team to shine, and with great expectations comes great pressure. This year, the ISM team seems determined to seek that elusive gold that they have narrowly missed in the past few years consecutively. When asked about how they were dealing with the pressure of meeting the expectations of fellow Bearcats, team member Karin T. said, “We play hard for our fans, family, and most importantly, for each other.”

She added, “We know we play well when we concentrate on our own play.”

That highlights how the team manages to stay focused on the game in the midst of loud cheers from the Bearcat community. Furthermore, she stated that their “solid team bond” is a contributing factor in helping them deal with the immense pressure and expectations from fellow Bearcats, friends, and family.

When asked about how the team is dealing with the stress and pressure of hosting the competition, junior Aaditya J. commented, “We feel a little bit of pressure. However, we were underdogs coming into the tournament and so that only gave us more confidence and fire to win.”

     He also added that “in order to pump ourselves up, we sing songs out loud” before their games.

When asked about their hopes and expectations from this season, Karin stated, “Since most of our teammates are seniors, we hope that they will leave with no regrets after this IASAS, and hope that this will be one of the most memorable IASAS events for them.” Aaditya shared the same sentiment, as he says the team wants to “make sure we do our best and give our seniors a great sendoff.” Of course, they are optimistic at the prospect of getting that elusive gold. The determination for winning gold, as well as the added support of a home crowd, makes ISM certainly a team to watch out for in the competition!



Shannon Stewart
Clara Brigitta
Emily Hellam
Christine Kelly
Vivian Ng
Joyce Tan
Emily Vander Pol
Aurelia Feodora
Mako Inada
Yea-Jin Lee


Zawwar Naseer
Garrett Pashen
Nathan Sutrisno
Kier Dharmadji
Yuta Inada
Mika Kelsey
Rafael Ngkaion
Dominic Dixon
Raya Sweigart
Scot Widjaja

JIS Team Article

Article by Carlos Po

In basketball, ISM has faced stiff competition from other IASAS schools in the past, from longtime rivals at other sports, such as SAS. But this year, at the end of the tournament, the boys basketball team of Jakarta International School managed to come out on top after a harrowing game, and flew home with the gold medalists.

JIS’s boys basketball team has long been competitive on the IASAS scene and have been steadily on the way up, earning bronze medals in 2014 and 2015, silver medals in 2016, and finally making the leap to gold in 2017, just barely scraping by and defeating SAS by 1 point in a 59-58 lead in the finals of the tournament in a nail-biting display of perseverance.

The team’s success was attributed by ISM’s own player Soham Mall largely to their best players, two members of the class of 2017, Garrett Pashen and Nathan Sutrisno. Pashen and Sutrisno are also credited with the final game-winning play in the championship round, with Pashen taking a shot that missed the net, but with Sutrisno managing to catch the rebound and sink the shot, bringing the score from 59-57 and eventually winning them the game.

Meanwhile, JIS girls team, despite ending in sixth place, put up a considerable fight as well. According to 4-year veteran ISM baller Selina de Dios, the reason for the team’s relative lack of success this year lay in the fact that the team was under “heavy construction.” She claimed that the JIS girls basketball team last year had a large amount of seniors, enough to severely impact the team negatively when they graduated, and that many of the new players did not have the experience on court that the teams of other schools, such as ISM’s own girls team, which this year includes four players who have been on the team since freshman year, may have had. She finished by anticipating a much stronger team in the next few years, as the players gain more experience and training and become determined to recoup victory.

From JIS’s status this year, it seems as though the competition will never cease, and can only rise as new batches of high schoolers join the fray. The future of IASAS basketball for ISM relies on our ability to recognize this, and push ourselves even harder in the never-ending road to victory. Congratulations to the Dragons, and go Bearcats!



Ana Chavez
Kasey Ciarletta
Cosette Koh
Maya Denzel
Yana Mihova
Madeline Zubrod
Jaela Richburg
Ariel Loiter
Nicole Walz
Lara Westwood-Marsh


Armando Di Cicco
Wyatt Germain
Anton Lorenzo
JJ Chou
Jaelen Coney
Austin Napierski
Drew Suranjan
James Soutendijk
Min Kang
Ryan Payne



Anya Lai
Lauryn Schaddee Van Dooren
Josephine Hu
Katie Chang
Catherine Yeh
Jasmine Ding
Stephanie Wang
Cheyenne Hsieh
Tiffany Chen
Georgia Van Dooren


Bryan Chen
Austin Bao
Lucien Chiu
Victor Chang
Martin Lim
Joseph Pogue
Edward Ang
Justin Pei
Daniel Wang
Collin Chen

TAS Team Article

Article by Seo Young Oh

The Taipei American School Tigers is a team of energetic and enthusiastic players full of determination to play well. However, unlike the charisma they show on the court, off court they are a team full of laughter and jokes.

When asked about what the seniors would miss about the team, Katie C. jokingly said, “I’m going to miss their stupidity the most.” This made the girls burst into laughter.  Lauryn S., a senior, also said, “I’ll miss how hard working everyone is but able to have such a good time together.”

It doesn’t take much for a person to see that the team as a whole are extremely close. When asked how they would describe their team dynamic in one word, sophomore Georgia V. immediately said “family” and sophomore Stephanie W. said “bonding. This caused the team to nod in agreement.”

The TAS Tigers are clearly a team that work together well. When asked about what they do as a pre-game ritual, the team said, “We eat a LOT of food, and we also do form shots.”

However, even though they like to joke around with each other, they also show an incredible amount of tenacity and perseverance when talking about IASAS. When asked about their performance last year and what they hope to accomplish this year, Cheyenne H. said, “We got fourth place last year. But this year we’re going for the gold!”

Perhaps their close-knit bond and great team dynamics are the reasons that they play so well on the court as well. Their positive energy is reflected on the court.They display a spirit and zest that are unique to the TAS basketball team and are definitely a team to look out for! They undoubtedly have the drive and passion that make a successful team.